Healing Is For Everyone but Not Everyone Will Be Healed

Hersent_Marie-Francois-Xavier-Bichat-400bby Rex Rouis

… who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness – by whose stripes you were healed. I Peter 2:24

“Therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” Mark 11:24

Not everyone received healing under Jesus’ ministry. There were times when everyone in attendance received healing, and there were times when very few received anything. What made the difference? The reason mentioned again and again in the Gospels is the person’s faith. If they had faith, they received, if they did not have faith, they did not receive. There are times when faith is not mentioned, but there I believe God moved through His divine mercy. See Mercy – Bending the Rules of God

When people do not receive, is it because they do not have faith? This is the obvious question, and it is a tough one. The truth is, we do not know exactly why a person fails to receive. The hidden things belong to the Lord. However, we do know what the Bible says when people received and when people did not receive. The one time the Bible mentions why people did not receive healing is in Matthew 13:58 (and Mark 6:5-6). The sole reason given is unbelief. Jesus does not mention the will of God, or anything else. And again, when someone does receive, we hear Jesus commending their faith and saying, “Your faith has made you whole.”

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

The verse above says that God loves everybody but His salvation is reserved only for those who believe. Faith is required for salvation, and all things associated with it. Furthermore, this faith, the Bible says, comes from hearing the spoken word of God (Romans 10: 17). Faith is contingent upon hearing from God and acting upon it.

My own Pastor was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only weeks to live. He made decisions on how he would fight the sickness, but God spoke to him and told him that if he continued in that direction he would die. Thankfully, he listened and obeyed. It has been years now and he is still cancer free. Read his book – Receiving God’s Mercy

Receiving healing is God’s will for everyone. Jesus never turned anybody away and He never once stated that it was not God’s will for a person to be healed. The fact that some people did not receive did not stop Him, and it should not stop us.

You know of Jesus of Nazareth, how God anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and with power, and how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

Faith for healing is true and available to all, but receiving healing is harder than what is presented in most faith sermons. Faith in God is hard work, and requires total transparency before Him. Faith is not difficult. It does not require intelligence, an education, or any particular ability. It does however require a deep unrelenting desire to do whatever it takes to hear and receive from God. To do this one must fight against everything this world stands for and throws at them. Few will actually do this, so few are healed. It was like this when Jesus walked and it is the same today. If Jesus could not get everybody healed, why are we surprised when we do not?

At the turn of the last century, Charles Price sought God on this very issue. God’s response was the basis of his 1940 classic on faith. Read his book – The Real Faith

Let us not focus on the ones who did not receive, but rather, let us learn from the ones who did receive.


  1. Thank you so much for recommending and providing a free download of your pastor, Mirek Hufton’s book, Receiving God’s Mercy. I hope this excerpt will encourage everyone to read it:

    “Mercy: First and Last
    For everyone going through a trial of faith, facing a life-and death struggle,
    I write to you now: What God did for me, He will do for you. His Word is true and powerful. It will set you free. Reach out in faith now for God’s mercy in your situation. Maybe you don’t feel like you measure up in all your prayer and believing, but don’t focus on that. It is true that you need to do your part. Your part is to fill your heart with God’s Word on healing. Your part is to believe God for His promises. Your part is to stand in faith on the promises of God and speak in agreement with His Word. After you have done all you know to do, stand before God’s throne and ask for His mercy. Obtain mercy for those areas where you may not be measuring up. Obtain mercy for your inconsistencies. Obtain mercy for your failings. Reach out and receive the mercy of God. Have faith in it. Trust in it. God will respond to your cry. He is the God of mercy, first and last. Refuse the religious advice of those who would demean your faith. Refuse to listen to the devil’s lies. Get with people who believe with you in God’s healing power and who won’t condemn you. Fill your mind with the wonderful promises of God’s Word on healing and deliverance. Then, continue to press in, resting in His mercy.”

  2. Article not entirely accurate. Please note;
    1. Everyone received healing under Jesus’s ministry. There’s no record of Jesus commanding healing unsuccessfully.
    2. The faith of the person being ministered to doesn’t matter! All that matters is the minister of healing, their faith is what matters. If the person being ministered to doesn’t receive healing, they can’t be blamed for ‘lack of faith’, this is the ‘minister’s’ issue of faith. If you still assume it’s about the person being ministered to, tell me, how about the dead that were raised, how did they have faith in death? What about the paralyzed man who was lowered into a roof as Jesus taught? Was he not healed because of the faith of his friends?
    3. Healing can be ministered to unbelievers by believers. Period. Recognize healing as a sign not a reward.
    4. Divine healing is the right and responsibility of every Christian.
    5. Any hindrance to the healing of any Christian is not of God, God is not our problem, He is our help. Therefore, any hindrance to healing is on the part of the enemy.
    6. Any sickness or disease can be overcome by a Christian if the Christian will exercise faith and power.
    7. The enemy is not a serious hindrance and can be overcome by any Christian using the available tools and weapons provided by God
    8. Christians and non-Christians, without faith for healing, can be healed when Christians exercise kingdom authority.
    9. All sickness and disease is a work of the enemy and is to be defeated whenever and wherever they are encountered. LETS STOP EXCUSES.

    1. The original list is by John G. Lake found in the Appendix of Divine Healing Technician Training Manual.

      Divine Healing Technician Training Manual
      John G. Lake

      Appendix: What We Believe About Divine Healing

      1. We believe that divine healing is the right and responsibility of every Christian.
      2. We believe that any hindrance to the healing of any Christian is not of God.
      3. We believe that God is not our problem, but rather that He is our help.
      4. We believe that any hindrance to healing is on the part of the enemy.
      5. We believe that any sickness or disease can be overcome by a Christian if the Christian will exercise faith and power.
      6. We believe that the enemy is not a serious hindrance and can be overcome by any Christian using the available tools and weapons provided by God.
      7. We believe that the enemy can only be truly defeated by spiritual weapons and not by carnal/natural weapons devised by man.
      8. We believe that Christians and non-Christians, without faith for healing, can be healed when Christians exercise kingdom authority.
      9. We believe that all sickness and disease is a work of the enemy and is to be defeated whenever and wherever they are encountered.

  3. Ive seen hundreds of healings. Its a lottery system. Doesnt depend on anything. Believers get healed, unbelievers get healed. Those with faith and those without. Many are called but few are chosen. Only seen around 20% of a room healed, never all. Same in a prayer line. Multiple can pray for one person but it doesnt increase the chance. Totally random.

    1. There are no “random” actions by God. God is all powerful and sovereign.
      We may not understand why this person is cured while the other one is not, we can only pray and put our trust in Him. Only God is the seer of the whole world and its history, and He weaves all the facts to fulfill His glory and our own good.

    2. Healing is not a lottery, chance or random. You don’t seem to discern the difference between a miracle of healing and a Mark 16 healing by the laying on of hands to recovery. One is instantaneous and the other takes place over a period of time (after the meeting is over.)

      You may find the answers you are seeking in Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth (offered as a free download on this site) under “Twenty-two Reasons for Failure to Be Healed.”

  4. well, I come to the conclusion that if someone goes to a healing service it’s because they have faith that they will receive something from God … but the truth is that not everyone receives … but my theory on that, is, faith for healing is not a natural thing … it is a supernatural ability imparted by God to someone for a couple of minutes in the moment God wants the healing to happen on someone .. if faith was something that only depends on us, everybody would receive the healing …or everybody would have stopped the course of the sun …. it is not that simple .,. there are multiple faith type : The faith to be saved, the faith to receive healing and the faith to perform miracles … the last 2 are supernatural and depends on God only, the first one depends on us …

    1. So why did Jesus commend those who had faith, and why did he tell the man with the sick daughter to only believe?….Did you think of that?

      1. In order to have true genuine faith you have to believe. Believe that He is the Father, He is the Son, He is the Holy Spirit. He is the creator of all things above and below and beyond. He has the power and authority to heal but it is at His will, not ours. You have to believe He will, not can but will heal you. You have to claim the healing beforehand as if you have already received it. Praying without ceasing to the Father and believing He will answer your prayers. I know first hand because God healed me of an elevated hemi-diaphram with lung paralysis on September 8, 2018 during a healing ceremony at Lake City Church of God in Lake City, Florida. I am a walking testimony. The doctor said go live your life but God said ” By My Stripes You Are Healed. ” And no not everyone will be healed and its because of their faith in Him and what He can do. You cannot have any doubt in your heart or doubt in your faith. It has to be true and genuine before the Lord. I would love to share my whole testimony with you and the suffering that I went through for a year and a half then you would understand about how God heals His children, those that are faithful and true and believe in Him and his Word.

  5. Yes, God does heal and it takes true genuine faith before the Lord in order for one to be healed for there is much work in the healing process. I myself am a walking miricle. I was diagnosed a year ago with an elevated right hemidiaphram and it was also discovered that my lung was paralyzed as well. There was nothing else the doctors could do for me and through my trial I was very sick not being able to breath well and had to quit my job. My memory became bad , I lost my voice and I became weak as well but my faith in God and what I knew He could do for me and through me never failed and I never doubted Him. Through the storm of my life I continued to stay in His word, worship and praise Him and dance before Him in my prayer room and all over my house as well. I thanked Him every day for the healing I was going to receive in His time and His will, I even sacrifice my life wholey to Him for His will to be done. I went to a healing service September 8,2018 for I knew that if I could just get to the church service God was going to heal me. My faith was true and genuine before God and He healed my lung that night on the floor of that church. It was a painful ordeal to go through but worth it all. I asked Him to please remove the pain from me and He said to me ” Be still and know that I Am God.” I said ” I know that you are my God ” and endured the pain until the healing was complete in me. Today I still thank the Lord for my healing and continue to stay in His word and worship and praise Him. God is a healing God and if you want a healing, re-evaluate your faith and strengthen it and you can be a living testimony of what God can can do.

    1. I had a massive heart attack .A 100 percent blockage..They call it the widow maker..Before this zi had been a homeless alcoholic..But at the time of my heart attack I had been in a program for addiction. A christian program. I was doing good in the program. But the heart attack is really what grew my faith 100 percent. For some reason God chose to let me live. My heart was damaged. It only works at 20 percent now. But God is amazing.. The heart attack increased my faith. But now I wonder if God would heal my heart if I ask him to.

      1. You didn’t mention whether you received Jesus as your Personal Savior (John 3:16; Romans 10:9, 10.)–the most important thing–but I trust you have.

        Certainly, the Lord will heal you. As you study the Scripture, the Lord will assure you that He both can and will heal you. I recommend the many excellent resources on this Hope, Faith, Prayer website as supplemental help.

        Jesus loves us and cares for us, Shelia.

    2. What a wonderful testimony, Penny! Thank you for sharing! I rejoice with you!
      You stood in faith, did not allow doubt, stayed in His Word, worshipped, praised and danced in thanksgiving before Him before your healing manifested. Afterward, you continued to thank the Lord, stay in His Word, worship and praise Him. This is not only a testimony but helpful instruction for everyone needing healing. Thank you, Penney!

    1. If you will look closely at the scriptures about Paul’s thorn in the flesh I think you will see that it was a messenger from Satan who was sent to torment Paul.

    1. Author

      Sure, on the mission fields God has healed plenty of people without Christ. What better way to show the love of God. You also know that everyone who got healed in the Gospels did not have Christ because He was not yet risen. Many of them even believed God on their own with Christ in their hearts. We need to rethink some things.

      1. A believer under the Old Covenant was one who walked with God, looking forward to the Cross in faith .
        A believer under the New Covenant is one who walks with the Lord, looking back to the Cross in faith.
        Thank God, the Lord has always made provision for us.

  6. Thanks for the links to the 2 books. I have them on my Kindle. I read the Real Faith by Price in the past and want to read it again. Testimonies are always great. Looking forward to reading your pastor’s book.


  7. Look up Curry Blake on YouTube. He is the best teacher in the entire Body of Christ when it comes to healing. He shows how anyone can receive from Jesus what they need.

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