Christ the Healer – F.F. Bosworth

Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth is more than a classic book on healing. It is a classic book on faith – faith for healing. I agree with Bosworth’s assertion that faith is the core message of the Gospel, and the Bible.

Christ the Healer

This book, first published in 1924, has been in continual print for over eighty-five years. I have wanted to get this book on this site for a long time. Please take advantage of the simple wisdom of God that resides on these 241 faith filled pages. For more fine books like this go to The Manna Reserve.


    1. Author

      Jaco – Sorry no. I do not believe it is in print today. I was fortunate to get this copy. God bless you. We love you. Rex

  1. FF Bosworth new that William Branham was a True prophet sent to this generation as a last sign.I salute both men by saying”My father,My Father,the chariots of Israel and the horseman thereof!!

  2. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ who took my place at Calvary and paid such a supreme price for my salvation and healing for all sickness that might try to attack my body and many other redemptive blessings. I shall continue to testify of my salvation, healing in the atonement and tell others to accept what God did for them at Calvary. I am happy that Bro Bosworth was highly connected with the prophet of the day William Marrion Branham even at the point of his death. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for by his stripes I was healed. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.


  3. just came into the possession of a first edition copy of this book. looking forward to reading it

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