Does God Believe? Of Course He Does

holy_trinity-alpha_omega_webMany theologians say that God cannot ‘have faith’, therefore, the phrase ‘the God kind of faith,’ as a translation option for Mark 11:22, is in their view a gross error.  Are they saying that God does not believe?  Of course He does. The words faith and believe in the Greek are from the same word.  Faith is the noun, and believe is the verb form.

When God spoke and said ‘Light Be,’ He did not doubt His words but believed that what He said would come to pass. Faith might not be something He ‘has’ but it is something He ‘is’ because believing is part of His character.

According to I Corinthians 13:7 ‘(love) bears all things, (love) believes all things, (love) hopes all things, (love) endures all things,’ and Galatians 5:6 says that ‘faith works through love.’ Believing is the quality of loyalty, trust, and faithfulness that exists in Love, and ‘God is love,’ according to I John 4:8.

Love Believes – God Believes – We Believe

Get this down in your heart!  Love bears all things, love believes all things, love hopes all things, love endures all things, and love never fails. LOVE BELIEVES! God’s love in our heart is the part of us that believes.

OK, God might not ‘have faith’  but He does believe.  Go figure.  We were created in His image to be like Him and walk like Him.  Why do we have to make this so hard?!


  1. Praise God this is a wonderful site to build faith in the word, and nature of God. Faith in the Love of God is foundation of our faith. The root of The Christian faith is Love be rooted and grounded in it will bring the Fulness of God in your life. Ephesians 3 God loves first we respond in I believe, Faith, by which we receive anything from God. I believe God’s Word and God loves me. Thank you for this site. i will send others here.

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