The Encouragement of the Scriptures

by Rex Rouis

For as many things as have been written before have been written for our instruction, that through endurance and through encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope. Romans 15:4 Darby Bible Translation

Most people who write a comment to our site seeking help are primarily seeking the strength and encouragement to go on. The things of this world and the pressures of this world will drown out the encouragement of God if you allow it. In God, everyone has the possibility of a better future, but depression blocks one from seeing the potential and the hope of that future. romans15_4-480-webAnd to those who have really been darkened by the blindness of hopelessness, suicide may start to look like a viable solution. IT IS NOT! As the saying goes, “Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem.” Actually, it is not a solution at all. The problems we are in and the situations that we are going through may not appear like they are short term problems but they are. In light of the rest of our lives and our eternity with God, they surely are.

For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison 2 Corinthians 4:17 English Standard Version

God is the only viable infallible long term solution and His involvement comes through getting His word inside of us. The first effect of His word in our heart is hope and encouragement. The second effect of His word in our heart is faith and peace. The final result of His word in our heart is the manifestation of the promise – the answer.

“The stars may fall, but God’s promises will stand and be fulfilled.” – J. I. Packer

Allow the goodness of God’s future for you to seep back into your soul. This comes by soaking oneself in the scriptures. The scriptures are encouraging because:

1. God writes good things about what He has in store for each of us. His promises to us are all good and they are all ‘yes and amen’ (II Corinthians 1:20) for each one of us. He does not help one and not help another. “You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are.” – Max Lucado

2. The scriptures are true and infallible, so you can trust them with your life and your future. They are breathed by God for our personal use. Everything that God has and that God is stands behind his word. “Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.” – George Mueller

3. The Bible is not like every other book. The Bible is ‘Spirit and Life” (John 6:63). When you read and spend time in the word, God’s Spirit and Life gets into you, bit by bit. Let His love and power and grace soak into your heart and soul. It will change you and your life.

Do the simple things necessary to allow the Holy Spirit to encourage your heart on a daily basis. God, in turn, will do the hard and impossible things. Spend time with God and let His love and hope and peace seep back into you. He will restore your life, your soul, and your body. See also Scriptures On Encouragement


  1. Wοw! Thank yօu! I permanentlу needed to write onn my blog something like that.
    Cɑn I іmplement a portion oof your post to myy site?

  2. Fighting the beast and standing in faith..stronger than I was. I had an answer for life-“it get’s better, it get’s worse or you die out of it”. It would be foolish if it weren’t so sad. Suicide is selfish, it hurts others, it steals a choice to love because you are hurting ..the prayer of faith is wondrous! Thank God..

  3. Well said and very uplifting to the mind and the soul…. Thanks

  4. Amen. I am going through some things and God has spoken to me in my spirit and by wonderful articles like these to abide in the word. If I abide in the word and it abides in me I can ask what I will and it will be given to me. I need not worry. But good articles and reminders like these are essential to some of us who can fall into having pity parties for ourselves. When you are experiencing pain, that is Satan’s trick to get you to focus on yourself. Focusing on scripture is the only way to avoid depression or make it subside. Afterall, the main battle takes place in our minds. I put on that good old helmet of salvavation to protect my mind, will and EMOTIONS. Amen to this article and again I say amen.

    1. Author

      Gretchen – Keep it up. At times, believing God and walking in victory are hard work, but they are worth it. Keep that Helmet of Salvation firmly on your head. And keep the Breastplate of Righteousness and the shield of faith on top of your heart. Don’t give the devil the satisfaction of knocking you out of the saddle. Keep going. Each day you keep going in God it gets better. God bless you!!

      1. Thank you for your obedience to God in writing what he puts in your heart and spirit. It is truly a blessing. I put my full armor on each day, and on my family as well. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. I am practicing walking in the spirit so I don’t fullfill the lusts of the flesh. If we stay in the word and walk in the spirit, we won’t be so self focused and selfISH. Depression can come from focusing on yourself too much. If you pray for others and all men, you take some of that focus off your circumstances. Also, Jesus battled satan by saying IT IS WRITTEN. How can you battle if you cannot quote scripture when satan attacks your mind? I am practicing saying IT IS WRITTEN. It is written ALL things are working together for my good because I love God and am called according to HIS purpose. It is written not by power, not by might, but by MY SPIRIT saith the Lord. Bless you Faith Mechanic and all the love you share.

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