Faith, and Everything Else, Comes by Hearing

One day, over 30 years ago, God spoke to a man and told him to start a church. This word, came at one of the lowest points in his life. His wife had just survived a major illness, and he was broke. They went to a high-interest finance company but could only secure a $1,000 loan. The company took $10 for the first payment and they walked away with a mere $990. They took all that money and rented a small storefront location, and with equipment borrowed from friends, they started the church. It grew quickly and is still successful today. Their son is now the Pastor.

What prompted them to risk their last dollar on starting the church? What was their motivation? Was it pure faith, an intense hunger to serve God, a burning desire to obey and please Him, or simple childlike obedience? Who knows what drives a person to respond in obedience to God, through reckless desperate faith. One thing is for sure, it all started with God speaking and their hearing.

Without God first telling them to start the church there would have been no faith, no obedience, no victory, and definitely no church. But, it also took their hearing. One cannot work without the other. The principal of His speaking and our hearing is one of the foundational principals of the Christian walk of faith. Faith, and everything else, comes by hearing, and this hearing is by the Word of God. He speaks so often. Oh, that we would hear Him more.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. Romans 10:17


  1. The name of God is our inheritance. Some religions spell name as naam which means light.

    It is what heals our minds.

    Make the now your constant companion. Create some stillness in yourself and God will take care of the rest.

    It is really that simple. You don’t have to perform a miracle to recieve one you just have to make a little space to recieve it.

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