Faith Is Obedience

Faith, Faithfulness, and Obedience are all very closely related.  Some people prefer to translate the word for ‘faith’ in the New Testament as ‘faithfulness’.  I personally don’t agree with it, but I do believe that faith is really just being faithful to fully trust in His faithfulness. It is a trusting obedience in His faithfulness.

Faithfulness = Full of Faith-ness


  1. When you have a craving or a hunger for something, nothing else around you seems to matter. You could be having problems at that moment. But if you are doing something to satisfy that craving, the problems seem so distant or practically fade away. You are just too happy about satisfying that particular craving. So… if one hungers/craves the Word of God and decides to satisfy that need, shouldn’t that be enough for us to endure life whether or not we have problems?

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