Are We To Pray For Faith?

treeinhandsThe Bible never teaches us to pray ‘for’ faith.  Yes, seeking Him in prayer is a necessary part of growing faith in our hearts, but the seeking is to be on behalf of the desired answer, not about faith per se.  We grow faith by planting the ‘hopes’ of God’s word in our hearts, that is, the promises in the Bible that are pertinent to the answer we are desiring.

Even though we grow faith in our heart by planting God’s promises (and watering it by walking clean before Him in the Spirit), it is God who gives the ‘increase’ to the sown seed.  God is the one who turns seeds into harvests.  Again, let me make this point very clear; we do not grow faith independent of God.  We do our part in obedience to what the Bible says, but the final moment when faith comes alive in our heart is determined by Him, and its life is given by Him.

Once faith is achieved, we are to release that faith verbally by either an asking prayer, or a declaring statement.  The Bible only guarantees that prayers of faith will be answered, not just any prayer or declaring statement, no matter how needed they are.

He is very clear.  He only responds to faith.


  1. It is interesting that in Luke 17 Jesus did not act on the prayer for “increased faith” but responded by saying that even the smallest faith can uproot a tree and toss it into the sea. Apparently true faith, small as a mustard seed, is sufficient to accomplish great things (apparently, the disciples little faith must have been smaller than that). So the question remains, should we prayer for faith? Oswald Chambers helped me to understand this better in a lecture about prayer to students at the Bible Training College. In his lecture he said this, “God does not give faith in answer to prayer: He reveals Himself in answer to prayer, and faith is exercised spontaneously.” This was quite profound to me. This taught me that I should pray that God will reveal Himself to me and when answered, it will produce in me sufficient faith to accomplish the purposes of God.

  2. Praying in tongues, your own prayer language from the Holy Spirit also increases your faith. Jude 20 says “building yourselves up on your most Holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. Yep. This will do it.

    We are told to fight the good fight of faith. This will increase and strengthen your faith.

  3. we are Christians we live in Pakistan we are in trouble in these days but pray for each other that heavenly “FATHER” will be healled us because we have lost my Father Mr.Riaz Washington in Church Bomb blast Peshawar pakistan. He is Saint and alive in “JESUS CHRIST” we have strongly faith to Almighty “GOD” “FAITH HOPE LOVE these three but the greatest of these is LOVE” GOD BLESS YOU All

  4. Uhhh YOU NEED TO READ SCRIPTURE! Even the apostles prayed for their faith to be increased. We do not know how much or how little faith each one had at the very time Luke 17:5 was written. Perhaps a lot, perhaps very little. But they prayed: And the apostles said unto the Lord increase out faith. You are misleading people with your words here. I’m sure you do not intend to do so. However…you are. You may want to rewrite this article.

    1. Author

      Faith comes by hearing, the Bible says. It does not come by praying for it. The Disciples asked Jesus to ‘increase their faith.’ He didn’t just increase it, He then taught on the power of a seed.

    2. How many times did Jesus rebuke the apostles for having little faith??? He called the very leader of the group (or whatever possessed him at the time) Satan-get behind me. Why did you doubt? Oh ye of little faith. A Roman soldier and a sick woman and a blind man are the only ones he said anything about their faith. This being Jesus and He is the judge. So I hate to call you out, but your words provoke d me. Not many should teach. James the tongue is like a rudder on a ship. Watch where you’re going. May we only have the Fire of heaven burning up the chaff in our hearts. Purify us like gold, Father..

      Pax et Caritas

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