Faith Makes the Promises of God the Will of God

Faith Transforms the Promises of God Into the Manifested Will of God. The following is a quick overview of the life-cycle of faith for ‘things hoped for.’ Faith makes the will of God the reality of God. His reality for you. Walk in it and receive it – by faith.

Faith BEGINS When the Will of God Is Known

Faith begins as hope in one of God’s promises. Hope is found when the promise of His will is found.

Faith COMES ALIVE When the Will of God Is Met

Faith comes when the conditions of the promise have been met. Faith comes alive when the word on the page becomes the word heard in your heart.

Faith TRANSFORMS the Promise of God into the Will of God

Faith changes the promise of things hope for into the reality of things hoped for. Faith is the imparted reality of the promise of God as the will of God.

Faith RELEASES the Will of God into the World

Faith words and faith actions release this new reality of the promised will of God into the world. Faith is released through words and obedience.

Faith ENDS When the Will of God Is Manifested

Faith returns with the answer to hope’s promise.

Reading – Seeking – Hearing – Believing – Receiving


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