A Theological Seminary’s Lack of Interest in Miracles


These 33 books are the only ones in the whole seminary library pertaining to the Gospel miracles of Jesus.

by Rex Rouis

Recently, I visited a well known theological seminary that is affiliated with a mainline protestant denomination. While a friend met with one of his professors I went to look for a particular rare book. I was graciously given full access to their library, and what I found while going through their state-of-the-art 3-story library, is that they had very few books on faith and the supernatural power of God. There were multitudes of books on all sorts of arcane theological issues, but precious few on issues like the ones covered in this Blog. The photo presented here shows all the books (33 books in all) in the whole library pertaining to the Gospel miracles of Jesus. I found no library headings for books on ‘faith’ or ‘healing,’ or anything else concerning the manifestation of the power of God.  So sad.

I did find one outstanding book, ‘The Faith That Rebels’, by DS Cairns, last published in 1954. I will soon have it online in its entirety.


  1. We have to distinguish between theological seminaries which do not educate and train priest to have faith in the promises of God and to pray for wisdom to know the will of God from the ones that educate and train to turn you to be co-worker of Christ to bring relief to those afflicted by witchcraft and using satanic powers. The ministry of the latter is prophetic and deliverance while as the former is a sacramental and rituals driven. The former is not driven by faith so it is not taught while as the latter is to teach and preach with the power of the Holy Spirit. Also the former sees that Bible as one literature book full of events while as the latter sees the Bible as the mind of God setting up a living standard for our good, hope and future.

  2. The purpose of liberal theology is to destroy the divinity of God. The first thing is to shrink him to our size, then erase his miracles.

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