What Does Faith Sound Like?

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Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the (spoken) word of Christ. Roman 10:17

Okay, if faith comes by hearing then what does it sound like? If we don’t know what it sounds like how will we know when we hear it? What is the sound of faith? What is the sound of God’s blessing?

It is simply the sound of someone speaking a word. It is the word of God being spoken to your heart. Note that it is a spoken word and not a read word. The Greek word for ‘word’ in this verse is Rhema, and can be translated loosely as a ‘spoken word, or a proclaimed message.’ It is personal word – from one person to another. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would take His words and speak them to us, and that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come. Paul said that the Holy Spirit would show us the things that are freely given to us.

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:13

Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit, which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. I Corinthians 2:12

God the Holy Spirit is the one who is actually speaking the word of faith to us. It comes from Him directly to us. He makes real to our heart the scriptures we have fed on. He breathes life into the scriptures that we have put into our heart. When we plant the seed of His word into our heart, and we protect it and cultivate it, it will produce a harvest of abundance. See – How Do You Plant a Word?

The hearing of faith is the sound of the Word of God coming alive in our heart. Faith comes alive when the Word read from the page becomes the Word heard in our heart. Speak the promises in the Word of God out of your mouth. Confess them until you believe them and believe them until you receive them. You believe them when they come alive to you. They come alive to you when you hear them in your heart.

We can’t recognize it or hear it with our heads. Our spirit, the ‘Hidden man of the heart,’ is where we hear it. Our spirit is where we hear everything that God speaks to us. Our spirit can hear His voice and recognize it. It knows the voice of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit speaks the words of Jesus. Jesus is the Author and Goal of our faith.

This hearing of faith is God’s sovereign stamp of approval upon the things we are hoping for; His presence graced upon our seeking, and His witness placed upon our request. It is the witness of Heaven upon our desires/hopes that give them spiritual reality, legal substance, and eventual visibility (Hebrews 11:1). See – Faith Is ‘hupostasis’ – Hebrews 11:1

Faith is a heart received sanction by the Sovereign of Heaven; given the moment His will for a specific promise has been met. Seek Him and hear Him, and receive His will for you.


  1. Dear Brother Rex
    I’m thankful to God that i crossed by this site since July 2017. I can say that something changed within myself, there were so many questions and my heart was searching for something; i saw and experienced the goodness of our God. Today reading the Word of God is not an obligation but i enjoy being in His presence either reading, singing, praying or sitting just to hear a word from the Holy Spirit. I can really feel His Love as a Father, as my Redeemer, my Healer, my Provider, my Restorer and my Defender. I am conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life, Life is so wonderful with God even when we are in difficult situation.

    I want to thank you for your messages, they are so uplifting for so many people all around the world, i’m sure. Please continue to surrender yourself to our God, He is doing great things through you, and I pray that God will use you mightily in the future.

    Stay Bless

    1. Author

      Neelam – Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I truly take them to my heart. I need them and I really needed it today. Thank you again. God bless you. Stay close to Him and His word. It is helping you and working in you whether you can feel it or not. We love you. Rex

    2. Reading this sound teaching really blessed my day beyond measure! Thank you so very much for sharing with the world, it is very much needed.

  2. As I read over some of the comments they made me think how truly I am blessed . Right now I am going through an situation that I created using poor judgment however I have asked God for repentance an forgiveness . The situation I am getting investigated on , I don’t know who to trust but God , at work it’s hard to act normal when all of this burden on me . I don’t know how lone it will take I am worried about losing my job , retirement , and my family .

  3. I’m so blessed by your posts Rex. They have given some of my questions answers that I’ve been seeking. Thank you so much and God bless you!

    1. I feel very privileged to be contacted when ever a comment is posted to your original posts which I’ve read and also commented on. I go back and reread the additional comments that were made, Rex, to your original comment/post. It often brings tears to my eyes and, at the same time, joy to my heart. To know that what is written has that affect/effect on a person heart, we can’t take that lightly, can we. I am thankful I found your website and I’m thankful I’m able to write back what is on my heart and you Rex, are able to read, listen and discern and offer back heartfelt kindness, discretion, direction, comfort – this list goes on. It is a great feeling to be able to be genuine in what a person feels and speaks and be able to know there is no “wrong” in doing so. Thank you Jesus and thank you Rex.

      1. Author

        And thank you Andrew.

        You bless my socks off. I am going to enjoy sitting on some bench in Heaven someday chatting with you. Such a day that will be. If you have not read ‘Intra Muros,’ please do. It is a remarkable and encouraging book on Heaven. So what if it is correct or not. The picture it paints seems holy and plausible. Anyway, Heaven will be better than any person or book can imagine. I am homesick. But we will all go at ‘God’s time.’

        Some of the comments I receive here are almost overwhelming. How does one respond to them. I am getting better at it. It is a weight.

        Keep growing in Him. Your growth is a blessing to Him, me, and everyone around you. Be encouraged in all that you do. Sometimes you may have to encourage yourself in the Lord, after all, this is a faith walk. We won’t see all that we are accomplishing till we ‘see Him as He is.’ God bless you. Rex

  4. Seems like I’m developing a “new” habit. Sleep several hours and wake up prompted to have some “quiet” time. I’m always glad to see any mail in my inbox from faith hope prayer. Thanks Rex for this post and thank you dadodeaf for your post response to faithmechanic. My heart (God’s Spirit in my heart) “hears” what is being said and I thank you for sharing, both of you, what His Spirit is speaking to you. Thank you again for sharing intimate thoughts and moments – it has touched His Spirit within me so I know it has touched the very heart of God. Praise Him. Thank you Jesus.

    1. Author

      Andrew – I too am always glad to see a comment of yours. There is nothing better than an effective quiet time with the Lord. After sleeping is the best time to get really quiet because your head is still a little groggy. It helps.

      Quiet times are not really all that quiet. Yes, your mind is still but your spirit is busy downloading from the Lord. The ‘quiet’ can actually get loud. Years back, I was going through some terrible pressures and I decided to wake up very early to quietly wait on Him. It took a good while of practice to get totally quiet and not think on things (ADHD here), but when I was able it was wonderful. It turned a terrible time into one of the best times of my life.

      God bless you. Keep growing and moving in Him. Combine these quiet times with prayer and meditation on scriptures that describe what Jesus did for us in the resurrection – In Him/In Christ scriptures, mostly from Paul’s writings. They will build something inside that cannot be stopped. Rex

  5. It has not so much been my challenges, but those of my youngest daughter. She went deaf at 8 months of age, has severe sensory integration issues, was labeled Deaf/Blind three years ago, was recently diagnosed with autism and OCD, and is also developmentally delayed. She is non-verbal, though she does communicate with sign language.

    Were it not for her afflictions, I would NOT be walking with my Lord today in the way that I am. His grace is more than sufficient for her challenges (and ours) though our lives are certainly not without their trials.

    My prayer for her has for years been “Lord, please step into HER life in such a way that she knows You and knows Your sufficiency in her life. That when she gets to those places where she simply is overwhelmed with her challenges and frustrations that she reaches out and touches Your life.”

    This prayer was answered in a very telling way when we were out walking the family dog just this last week. She was quite distressed as one of her best friends at school (another developmentally delayed and deaf young man) had died just a few days earlier. As it was raining very hard, I was surprised when I looked back and saw her kneeling down in the grass at the side of the road in a puddle praying to the Lord in sign language. As I watched her under a street lamp, she poured out her heart to God, telling Him what she felt and how sad she was about her friend and the anger she had inside as this was one of the few kids at her school she had any connection with.

    After about five minutes, I walked up to her and signed if she was alright. I witnessed a miracle in that where just minutes before she was almost out of control with grief and anger she simply looked up at me and signed that she loved me and was ready to go home. She seemed to be completely at peace. I was reminded of the man in the tombs who Jesus had set free from demon possession. She was “suddenly in her right mind”.

    I also found myself praising God for answering my long-term prayer for her as it appeared that she does know who she can turn to in time of great need. Her challenges in life will be many and deep, and as I will not be on this planet forever I will need to be leaving her in the best hands possible – namely Jesus Christ, who she has come to know well enough to cry out to, even in the pouring rain for a friend who has just died.

    Through her challenges, we have learned much. One of the lessons have been where our lives are limited in any way (be it physically, emotionally, mentally) that turning the Him who IS LIFE is the best way to touch both the grace and mercy of a loving God who died that we might be made whole.

    1. Author

      Dadodeaf – That speaks to me on so many levels, as a Christian, a teacher, and as a father. That scene in the rain is more valuable than anything in this world. She speaks to God perfectly, and hears from Him sufficiently. She will be fine all the days of her life.

      I have the same hope for my daughters after I am gone. I hope they can speak and hear as well as yours. God bless you.

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