Faithless Action vs. Actionless Faith

by Rex Rouis

Faithless action is acting on your own outside of God’s direction, grace, and ability. Paul says that, “it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works (self-works).” (Romans 11:6) This type of ‘works’ is called ‘self-works’ because it is the ‘self’ doing the actions, and trusting in those actions. These actions, without God’s initial sanction, and continued involvement, are worthless, manipulative, and disobedient.

Actionless faith is having a God sanctioned ability in your heart, and yet not contributing the necessary actions to fully activate it. James says that, “faith without works (corresponding actions) is dead.” (James 2:20) This type of ‘works’ is called ‘corresponding actions’ because the actions are in agreement with faith and actually spring from it. Faithless action is personal action without faith, and actionless faith is faith without personal action.

Actions without faith are sin and faith without actions is dead.


  1. Faith is acting on one’s belief.
    It says: talk is cheap.

    Faith without works is not faith. It is belief.
    Many people equate faith with trust – which is correct. Trust is something you do – a verb.

    As Luther said trying to separate works and faith is like trying separate heat from fire.

  2. True Faith effects equanimity: That state of rest when the Soul & the Mind cease to struggle & be still and know that He is GOD! What is it that overcomes the world but Fides Nostra-Our Faith!

  3. Hebrew 11: W/o Faith it is impossible to please God. Indeed Faith honours God & God honours Faith. Abraham, Job: Breakers of Faith barriers,

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