Inception – The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

by Rex Rouis

First, Inception was a great movie; go see it! The Matrix had promise but soon ran out of gas. My fear with Inception is that they will do a sequel and ruin it also. You can only go so far with these concepts without bringing God into the mix.

Imagine you had a kingdom all to yourself, where no one else could intrude. A private place where you could be alone and do whatever you wanted, a place where you could do and have and be whatever you imagined. How would you act? Would you be holy, or would you let the imagination of your lusts be your co-ruler?

Actually, you have this kingdom already. It is in your imagination; in your internal thought life. In this realm, you are the ultimate ruler. This is your personal kingdom, your world. You alone choose what happens in this kingdom. You are the master of all you survey. Is God in there with you? Someday, when you stand before Him, the thoughts of your heart will be exposed.

Rule the internal kingdom of your heart responsibly now so that you will be judged faithful later. Jesus said, “Don’t look here and there and all around, the Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21 NIV – my paraphrase) Act like that is true. Jesus is in there with you. He is walking around in your kingdom, watching, judging, and waiting.


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