Finding God – Theology Is the Study of How God Has Revealed Himself

Finding God – but how can God be lost? He is not lost but merely hidden. God tells us that He has gone ‘for a while’ to a ‘far place.’ Where this place is we do not know, and He does not directly tell us. But He does leave us a trail to this Kingdom hidden in His Word. There are clues hidden throughout His word, that if studied and closely followed, will lead to Him. Breadcrumbs if you will, along a trail that leads to the very throne room of God. This trail of the word of God is called Jesus, for He is the ‘Way’ to God. If we are obedient to follow the Way of His Son, led by His Holy Spirit, we will find Him, and we will be reunited.

This trail is obvious to all those who are earnestly seeking, and is utterly hidden to those who are not. He reveals Himself only to those to whom He chooses. He reveals Himself through His word. His word is both Him and the path to Him. Every step we take along this path changes us a little closer into His image. The narrow road to God is the correct path of life, it is the only one which leads to Him.

Like the father of the prodigal son, God the Father is standing a far off waiting for us. He will run to us, put a ring on our finger, and order that the fatted calf be slain. There will be great joy in the Kingdom, because in finding Him we would also be found. The Bible says that at that time ‘we will know Him, even as we are known.’

The Bible also says that very soon He will return from this far journey to receive His Kingdom here on earth. At that time, He will no longer be hidden but the whole world will see Him in His full Glory. Let us find Him before He returns, and finds us idle and disobedient. Also read, The Vast Universe – Two Perspectives


  1. In the past I thought God was far away, I’ve come to this conclusion, God is spirit, He is the very air I breath. When I feel or see the results of the wind I realize this. When I look at the sky I see that this canopy is the same one that covers the entire universe, it is not broken up from state to state country, or continent, it covers the entire world. As I watch His creation, everything is performing the way God made them,the universe working in unison with a creator. Every creation comes out at it’s appointed time the sun, the moon, the stars; all works in unison for which they were created. When I look at the earth whose purpose to grow things, this earth from which we were create does it job, it began to attempt to grow any wooden pole put into it by rotting it attempting to grow that pole. In a number of years that pole will ROT if cement or some-thing is not added to protect it.

    There is life in the earth! the soil. I watch the birds of every kind going about the animal or bird kingdom. And they do have a life just as real as ours. They have jobs to do, they have families to take care of they have homes or nests to build, young to raise. Everything God made has purpose. God, is concerned with His creation, Yes He is a father to us, yes He wants us to come to Him, He is never far from us. We reach Him through our faith in Him. Believing He exists and ever lives to help us. No God is never far from us. Open the eyes of your heart. Spend time outside, God is always trying to get our attention.

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