God’s Cruise Ship – Plenty of Onboard Activities Ahead

As Christians, we are located in the ‘secret place of the Most High’ (Psalm 91:1). As such, we are protected from the coming world judgment. That does not mean that we are to sit back and wait for the end. It means that we are to work for the end. There are plenty of onboard activities to get involved in. Don’t be like most individuals and spend your time continually feasting on God’s word (I am speaking to myself). Get out and do something.

Get out of the boat for some fun day excursions. Meet the local people, interact, and tell them how nice it is traveling with God. Some you will be able to bring back to the boat, others will decline the offer. That’s OK. It is only our responsibility to ask. God convicts, they choose, and we go on.

There may be some rough waters toward the latter end of the cruise but that’s also OK, the ship can take it. So get ready and get busy. Who knows, we might even get a great photo package when we get to our final destination.

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