What If God Answered Prayer?

david-and-goliath-titian-300-webWhat if God answered all believing prayer? What if He answered our prayers, and not like some would say, “God answers all prayer, sometimes He answers yes and sometimes He answers no.” What if He always answered YES to our faith? What if we were convinced of this? What if we knew beyond all doubt that if we only had faith and doubted nothing, God would respond? What if we knew that the faith we needed came by knowing the will of God concerning what we were praying about? What would we do? How would we act? Would we seek Him till we found His will?

And if we did, and then He did, what would the world be like?!


  1. being honest ive questioned this a lot if the father answered all our prayers we wouldnt be humans we would be funkin robots think about it if you just had to ask god for whatever you wanted there would be no point to life yes lifes shit in a lot of places ok but theres a lot of beauty to, for god to just go there you go would make the human race well nill and void, the point of life is theres happiness joy tears sadness death worry stress all the things we experience i dont know why noone on this earth does but gods on a different lineage to us humans so yeh thats my wee thought peace and love barry allan scotland

  2. I truly believe god hears me when I’m in pain and when I need his comfort with me. Right now I’m waiting on some medical results that I need for them to be good not bad results please lord don’t leave me.

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