Life Is Either a Living Hell or Just Like Heaven

LightTree02-450--webWar is Hell.  Well, sometimes life is Hell. One thing about war and Hell, they are both exhausting. But we do not have to live in Hell. God says we can have much of what Heaven is right here on earth. God will give us peace for pain, healing for hurt, and security for confusion and fear. Heaven is God’s realm, and it is His will and desire for us to walk in it.

How do we get His will of heaven to replace our life and our world? It is really quite simple. First, you must accept Him as your Lord and God, then yield your life daily to His will. And lastly, do the things that bring His world into your world. It may be simple but sometimes it is not easy. His help and support may be free but they are not cheap. He gives the benefit of His life only to those who honor it and value it. Reading His Word (Bible) and seeking His presence is a big part of honoring Him.

God also says that faith is very important to Him. He says that He does not move without it. It is His currency of action. Faith is what brings His will and His world into your life and your world. He gives us the first amount of faith that allows us to receive Him and to become like Him. The faith beyond that is our responsibility. We have to receive it, grow it, and use it our selves.

This is a dynamic and amazing partnership – God and man. We do His will and He helps us, and, in the process, our life changes. It changes from one of darkness to light, Hell to Heaven, and from pain to joy. This process of change is called Salvation.

Faith is what brings His will and His world into your life and your world.


  1. So, if you once thought you were saved but your struggling in your faith now, that means you were never saved correct?

  2. Why is it that you can do everything right ,not perfectly ,an try to be good ,but you have to endure people that do not care that they are doing bad,an god leaves you in the mess others creat when he promised he would help you,23years of enduring is enough no wonder people lose faith.

    1. Author

      Meme – The start doing something different. Don’t blame it on God. Start at the front and read many of our articles. Don’t just read one and complain. Get serious with God and do what it take to find out what is wrong. I hear you, and yes it wears on you, but your attitude stinks. Sure most people suck but get over it and find out what you need to do to get out of the funk. Get some of these scriptures and confessions and speak them till your tongue falls out. Doing something about it is better, and harder, than complaining. We love you. God is waiting for you. He moves by hunger and faith, not need or emotion. Rex

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