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Okay, here I go! I am the head usher for one of the weekly services in our church. We have female hostesses and male ushers working together to manage the service. We always have enough women, and we never have enough men.  Men are the scourge of the church. If it weren’t for women, the church would not and could not function. If the original Twelve Apostles were women, we would all be in Heaven by now. I know, I know.

After the crucifixion, we find men hiding in a room and women running to the tomb. Women are tough. My wife scares me. The first proclamation of the risen Christ was preached by a woman to a group of men. Of course, they did not believe her. Jesus had to show up by walking through a wall and scold them for not listening to her. How pathetic, but how typical!

I understand the authority issue, as stated by Paul, and I know that God had to work through His own creation – man. But maybe God also chose man because He knew that the devil would never suspect that it would actually work, just like He never thought the crucifixion would work. What a sneaky and creative work of grace!

Here is my thought – If men are going to gripe about a woman’s role in the church, they should stand up, take responsibility, and fulfill their own role in the church.

After the crucifixion, we find men hiding in a room and women running to the tomb.


  1. Janell Grigsby, I pastor a church. My belated husband would not answer the call so it was passed on to me from God. Now I know that if the man will not go God will send the woman.

  2. It’s just a fact that there is a lack of men in the church. I am a minister and an elder (yes, a female!), and I would like nothing more than to have men take their place in the church. But there are jobs that need to be done and if the men aren’t willing or available, then God will grace a woman to do the job. Good article!!! Men, rise up!!! You are needed! Some of our women are as strong as a man out of necessity–and yes, they clean up pretty good too!!!!

    1. Author

      Thank you. That is one of the great advantages women have over men. After all the hard work, they clean up much better. I think God had a plan here… And as I always say, “If you can’t find a man man enough; find a woman.”

  3. Please do not be upset. This is not worldly. I am so glad that God’s ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher that our thoughts. We are all commissioned to go into all the world and spread the Gospel of good tiding. We are all fellow laborers, doing what God has laid in our hands to do. Our aim should be to please God and do what he has told us to do so that on that day we can hear….well done my good and faithful servant. As long as we agree on the foundation of our faith … and that is Jesus Christ and the work of the cross… i believe we are good to go. God will iron out the rest in our hearts as we grow in knowledge of his Word and his will. May God bless us all with more knowledge, wisdom and understanding of his Word.

  4. This article disturbs me; it sounds like the world view and I don’t like it because it is not Biblical, in my understanding of God and roles or men and women. I see too much of this thinking on TV, in commercials, then I visit a Christian web site a friend sent me to, and it’s here too. And, yes, I am a woman too.

    1. Author

      Beth – Please lighten up, this is a tongue-in-cheek article about the lack of consistent male involvement in the church. Yes, the world is bashing and emasculating men, and it may look like I am chiming in with them but I am not. I understand God’s plan of authority and of course I agree with it. I am only trying to mention the point that women are the faithful visible force of most church activity.

  5. Men are not the scourge of the church…the lack of men is. God wants a willing vessel he can use for his glory. In many church’s men are outnumbered by women. Men are the head of their households and wives are not to upsurp the authority of her man (husband)…nor are they to teach such a thing. God is no respecter of persons, I have willing heart to do whatever the Lord has asked me to do. Where there has been a lack of men to do their work in the church, I and other women have stepped up. Men who have come to Christ and are saved come with many issues. Because the are so important in the family structure, they have their warfare. Perhaps because of their nature to be leaders, it is difficult for many to humble themselves and learn to lean on Jesus. Forbidding women to preach, teach the word of God … even to men should cause one to look into their hearts and ask themselves why? Is the light shining in these women convicting them? or exposing some darkness in their hearts? Are men objecting that God has chosen them to do a work that would bring Him glory? We could go on and on with this subject. We should pray for men that God would strength their walk with God so that they can be usable vessels for his Glory.

  6. Women are ministers, I am a minister in a prison ministry. But women are not to be in authority, especially over a man (adult). God placed men as leaders in the home and in the church, it goes back to creation, God’s plan and roles for male and female, but even more so to Adam & Eve, I believe, what happened in the garden.

  7. I just found your blog as I was studying the word this morning. I found this post particularly interesting as I just had a conversation with a friend about this very subject. The role of women in the church is vital. Women are behind the scenes and leading the ministry. While it is important to be sure that your called to a position, not just desire the attention, I have no problem with a woman minister. I don’t believe God does either. ~ Sirina

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