We Will Pray For You But Receiving Prayer Is Not the Purpose of this Site

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Ihope this does not come across as hard or religious but the purpose for this site is to help people pray for themselves, not to pray for them.

We pray for people. And other people who come to this site pray for people. We pray for each other and we encourage each other. That is what loving Christians do. However, coming to this site only to ask for prayer defeats its purpose. It hinders what God wants to do through it, namely, to get people to a place where they can stand up for themselves in God. Again, we will pray for you but sometimes you praying for you is the only way you will receive. That is the hard truth of God’s need for faith. Sometimes only you can do it because sometimes God requires you to do it.

God at times does bend the rules, that is called mercy. But the more mercy is requested the less it works. Mercy works best when one realizes their error and have decided to do something about it. They say, “Lord, I’m not going to let that happen again.” But over and over again does not work.

God is merciful, but His desire is for us to grow in Him. He expects us to learn about Him and seek Him. Not doing that and merely asking someone to do it for us is not obedience. It takes faith to receive from God. Again, God is merciful, but you cannot rely on His mercy all the time.

It is actually not prayer itself that moves the hand of God. God does not answer prayer itself. He answers faith. He answers believing prayer.

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:24 New Living Translation

Therefore I tell you, all the things you pray and ask for–believe that you have received them, and (then) you will have them. Mark 11:24 Holman Christian Standard Bible

You can’t escape the need for faith by relying on someone else’s faith. Sometimes it works, but not always. Your faith will always work. Always. We need to do what the Bible says, to receive what the Bible promises. When we do what we are supposed to do then God does what He desires to do. Faith can be hard work, and He expects us to do it.

Sometimes you praying for you is the only way you will receive


  1. Please pray with me I lost my baby abruptly and I have a strong faith that he will be raised back to life I know God will answer my prayers.

  2. Please pray with me lost my baby abruptly and I have a strong faith for his ressurrection i know God will answer my prayers

  3. I am working on this, 100%. It has been tempting for me to reach out of others because I’ve just come out of a year of trauma during which I isolated myself and pushed love away. But God is bringing me to a place where He is teaching me that I am complete in Christ through all things and that I have to take responsibility for my faith, even despite loneliness, etc.

    It’s been a difficult journey for me and the enemy almost devoured me a couple of times– but God’s requirement is that we respond to this in faith, which no one can do for us. Lord, help my faith in this sickness, and that I would know You will restore all the things I lost because of my sins (job, relationship, etc.) I want to learn your ways and honour You.

    1. Author

      Chloe – You are on the road to happiness in God and we are walking with you all the way. We love you and we are praying for you. Yes it is a walk of faith but God is helping.

      Keeping speaking His work out and trusting that He is there at every moment, because He is. Again, we love you and we are with you. Rex

      1. Thank you so much, Rex! I have seen His faithfulness and I will see it again. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Amen.

    2. Hi Chloe,

      I have a early Christmas gift for you.Go to awmi.net and click on “Audio Teachings”, under “Audio”.You will see a series called “As I Have Loved You” and another one called “You’ve Already Got It”.Listen to these as quickly as you can.
      The Father is restoring all your loss with interest.Enjoy.


  4. Pls am praying to God,I would like to study abroad pls intercede for me thank you

    1. Author

      Prosper – We will lift you up to God in Jesus Name. God is faithful. Trust Him and put the word of God into your heart. We love you. Rex

      1. Let Jesus’s words come alive to you in John 14,15,16.
        He tells us 5 different times that he will do whatever we ask.
        Also, go onto You Tube and pull up “Graham Cooke -Favor as a Lifestyle”.

        Last week I gave this teaching to local real estate agent and in a few hours the Father had spoken to her deeply through it.In fact, it was so good she called me back and said “This was amazing, it was exactly what I needed to hear!”
        I also found out that she had attended the church I served at for 6 years.It was a divine connection from our Father.The same will happen for you.



  5. Im in a difficult position these days. I need hand of God. Im kindly asking you to pray with me brothers. I need your support to find my luck and courage again. My family need your prayers. We are strong but in difficult position.

    1. Hi Bruno,

      Speaking and praying over you and your family now.
      Jesus is doing great things for you and you will be restored
      in all your loss.

      Read Jesus’s words in John 14,15,16.
      He will speak to you,personally.

      Also, go onto http://www.awmi.net
      Click on Audio Teachings under “Audio”.
      You will see a series called “A Better Way To Pray”
      and “How To Hear God’s Voice”.
      These will bless your life tremendously.


    1. Believing with you brother.
      “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask what you desire
      and it will be done for you.” John 15

      Study and meditate on Jesus’s words in John 14,15,16 all this week.
      You will have wonderful encounters with him.

      In Jesus,


      1. Author

        Yes. John Chapters 14,15,16 are the some of craziest chapters in the Bible. Read them like they are real (which they are) and that they are speaking directly to you. Jesus did not say that it was advantageous for Him to leave so the Holy Spirit could come for only a few years. No! He (the Person of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Godhead) will be here till the end of the age! Believe in Him and work with Him for your blessings. We love you. Rex

  6. Yes and amen. Give more earnest heed. Hearken diligently…before your eyes meditate…you shall see to do. Observe. Today if you hear His voice…We have a surer word of prophecy… do well to hear…being mixed with trust (faith).. the doer of the work is blessed…not just hearing…we believe therefore speak. He is able to perform His promise…He is Faithful who promised…He swore to Himself the immutable oath with none greater to swear by except Himself. With full assurance …any comfort consolation…earnest expectation is the anchor to our mind, will and emotions. Comfort one another with the comfort you are comforted with. All things are held by THE WORD Of His Power. Divine power gave promise to become partakers of Divine Nature…Power Gave Promise…The Spirit brooded the face of the heart…deep calls to deep… what does the mind know except human spirit revealed…what does God know except Holy Spirit revealed. You are recreated in His likeness and Image righteous and true Holiness. It is finished…Whatever He says unto you …DO IT! Word

  7. Hearing seeds and speaking to mountain is spontaneous from heart. Woman says; “I’m having a girl”! She believes therefore speaks personally bubbling over. She knows what we don’t. Prayer is having your own baby. No surrogate concept carried by another brainchild. Show us the Father and it will suffice. Jesus did. Daddy speaks to fig trees godly children. True indeed. Sincerely, a son multiplied offspring. P.S. I believe more babies are due….do you too?

  8. When Jesus asked Peter three times, “do you love Me”?, Jesus was speaking to the types of sheep that Peter would be required to minister to in his life. As one who has always learned by watching others and then applying it, I find this article hard. Most people do not know how to pray nor receive from the Lord. Yes, they must learn. Yes, they must take it upon themselves to learn. Yes, they must learn that Jesus has given us His faith (Galatians 2:20), and that as new creatures in Christ (2 Cor. 5:7), we must renew our minds (Romans 12) with His Word, so that we can have a growing confidence in His Word that says YES (2 Cor 1:20). Until that believer reaches that place of confidence, then, it is up to the more spiritual to encourage the lambs and the sheep (Hebrews 3:13). Teaching His people to trust His Word more than people is an ongoing work of grace. (I Thess. 5:11) clearly helps us to see the work of encouragement we are called to perform for one another. Yes, we need to strongly point out that each believer learn to exercise their own faith. But, we must be careful not to bruise the struggling, sensitive lamb that longs to be where that mature sheep has learned to abide.

  9. God answers our faith and not our prayers. If we have faith as small as a muster seed, then we can speak to any situation in our life and shall be so.
    Thank you for this exposition of the word of God.

  10. Author

    Kay – Thank you. I was concerned that this would come off hard. We still need to help the people and pray for them. God bless you massively. Rex

  11. Rex – thank you for clarifying the purpose of this site, I realize now that I’ve seen it as a source for those in need. It is so true that faith, not prayer, is our goal, and while support from others can help us to strengthen that, it should not be the thrust of your attention and of this site. Thank you for continuing to share your inspiring words.

  12. Faith Mechanic – I agree with your article and feel very blessed to have the faith to understand it!

    1. Author

      Ben – Thank you so much. This article is not meant to be harsh or to steal someone’s hope. God gives according to His love, but we receive according to our faith – John 3:16. God bless. Rex

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