Resurrection Power – Wigglesworth

by Smith Wigglesworth

Christ’s resurrection power is keeping things alive; nothing but resurrection can displace that which is dead. He came forth. He came forth to be life and power that we might be able to loose the things that were bound, that His glory might be evidenced. There was a dear woman, her heart was bad, poor soul, her feet were swelled. When the devil gets your eyes he makes you look at death. I said, “I believe the Lord wants you to have His message.” I saw she saw death. It is a tremendous power Satan has when we haven’t our eyes on Jesus, but He is alive, and He is risen to make everything living, and His glory is alive for evermore. I thought I would show this dear woman that He has the keys and she might take the promise for a new heart (Psalm 91) and “with long life will I satisfy him.” “Oh,” she said, “it is a new word to me.” “Yes,” I said, “all revelation is new.” Three days did wonders. She had risen right into the condition of this life. She said, “It is Amen, I have a new heart, my legs are not swelled.” It is no good without it is the Amen from above. The Amen—what does it mean—“let it be.” It was Jesus who said it—it was He who was Clothed who said it—The One from heaven, the One who had won the victory, and God wants us to do it in His place.

Oh, I remember one day stepping into a barber’s shop where I heard a man moaning pitifully, with a shade over his eyes. “What is the matter,” I asked. “Doctor says it is inflammation and will always be like this.” “In the Name of Jesus,” I cried, “I command you to go.” The man then said, “It’s done, I am free.” Where is He? I tell you He is risen. It was He that acted. Oh, to be so closely interwoven with His great Heart and it’s done.—Did it finish there? No! The man came and got saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory—it is impossible for it to be told. The Acts of the Apostles will never be finished till we get into the glory.

Part of an article series called, “Truths re-stated.”
Published in Confidence, October-December 1920.
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  1. I need prayer for a miracle for my two daughters who passed away in a car accident on September 28th, in Jefferson co wv. Thank you

  2. Yes, I get it.

    The resurrection of Jesus shows that death is defeated. If death is defeated now and we believe in resurrection life, then sickness must also be defeated in this present. If we look at the circumstances of our sickness, we take our eyes off the fact that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Let us focus our eyes on the power of the resurrected Christ to heal us from all our infirmities right now. Let us always live in the overcoming power of the resurrection for the healing of our body, soul and spirit.

  3. God loved us so much and his love endure forever and ever amen
    thanks so much, may his word change many life.

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