Pray, Pray, Pray – A.B. Simpson

by A.B. Simpson

Beloved, this is what the world needs. This is what the church needs. This is what the age needs. This is what heathendom needs. We cannot bring it about. We have not accomplished it, but God is able. Oh, let us believe, let us conceive, let us burn with intense desire, and we shall see the great and mighty things which prayer has brought already, and which it will yet bring to pass in the closing days of the Christian dispensation. In the words of Pastor Gossner:

Gossern’s Cry

“Believe, hope, love, pray, burn, waken the dead! Hold fast by prayer; wrestle like Jacob! Up, up, my brethren! The Lord is coming: and to everyone He will say: ‘Where hast thou left the souls of these heathen? With the devil?’ O, swiftly seek these souls, and enter not without them into the possession of the Lord.”


  1. Dearest Jesus Yes Yes Yes – Lord teach me to pray My Lord give me utterence in prayer, give me wisdom. In prayer give me understanding in prayer give me discernment in prayer give me power in prayer give me humility in prayer. O Lord have mercy upon me. Teach me to prayer.

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