kidsinthewindow-300-webSow these scriptures on God’s prosperity in your heart and build them into your walk. Speak them out of your mouth until they feel real to you.

I confess boldly that it is Your will that I prosper. It says in Your Word that You delight Yourself in the prosperity of Your servant. [Ps 35:27]

You said in Your Word that You pray above all things that I prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers. I believe that Jesus Christ, who was rich, was made poor for me that I through His poverty may be made rich. [2 Cor 8:9, 3 Jn 2]

Lord, I meditate upon Your Word. I delight in Your Word and I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water. My leaf does not fade. I bring forth fruit in it’s season.

I am being a blessing to people today. [Ps 1] I am winning souls today. I am encouraging people today. My leaf does not wither. My life is full of strength. God’s strength.

I boldly declare that I prosper. I am not defeated, but I am prospering and victorious.

I am prospering in my mind, in my body, in my spirit, and in my finances.

I am prospering in my marriage (my relationships, both past and present), and in every area of my life. Whatever I do prospers.

I have given and it is given unto me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. I have an abundant supply. [Luke 6:38]

My God does supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. [Phil 4:19]

The floodgates of heaven are opened over me and I am receiving a blessing that I cannot contain. [Mal 3:10]

I confess that I walk in God’s favor today in all my business dealings and with people. God’s favor rests upon me. [Ps 5:12] I have God’s favor and blessing on me.

God favors me today. I am a success today. I have God’s special favor upon me today. He makes His face to shine upon me today. He is gracious to me today. [Luke 2:52, Num 6:25-26] I expect something to happen to me today.

God delights in my success and prosperity. [Ps 35:28]

With God all things are possible. So I walk today expecting God’s favor and success to be upon me! [Mark 9:23]

I am blessed coming in and blessed going out. I am the head and not the tail, I am above and not beneath. [Deut 28:2-14]

Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of lack and poverty and want. I am blessed because of Him! [Gal 3:13] I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed, I AM BLESSED!

Taken from a confession book by my Church Pastor – Faith Has a Voice


  1. God morning pastor can you please send these prayers to my email and the pray over my children. Thank you, God richly Bless yYou in Jesus Name. Amen 🙏🏽

  2. Beautiful… thank you for the encouragement – nothing beats/is above the Word.

    1. God morning, I am in agreement with theses prayers in the Name of Jesus,

      1. God morning pastor can you please send these prayers to my email and the pray over my children. . Thank you, may God richly Bless yYou in Jesus Name. Amen 🙏🏽

        1. Author

          Deborah – You can print or download the prayers directly from each page. We do not email them out. We will pray, but you are the best one to pray for you and your loved ones. You carry the love and authority for the ones you are more closely responsible for. We love you, and we love those whom you love. Rex

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    Thank You for making me bless today
    I’m highly blessssssssed!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great morning sir
      Please is this really you or a false moniker?

      Man of God
      GOD BLESS YOU sir

    2. Praise the lord sir, Could you please send me all confessions to my email ID.
      I am really blessed to the above confessions. If possible let me know if I could find your preaching videos in YouTube.
      Thank you and God bless you.

  4. Thanks so much for these confessions of faith. God bless you …😇😇😇

  5. Thank you very much, needed this in such a time as this, this is my answered prayer Hooray!!!. I have what I need in Jesus Name. I am so excited these confessions are lining me up with my faith.

  6. I am grateful to the Lord for using you to put these together. I am on a Lord guided program/project to rebuild what was damaged and further on build. One area is my Word-life and WOW…your material has just come in handy and on time. It will take me much further and quicker in this deep and personally sensitive phase of my walk with the Master. Shalom and may He reward you for this ministry.

  7. I needed to hear this right now, God has spoke to me through these confessions

  8. I speak confessions each day but these are written so personal and direct. This is good!
    Thank you, Patricia

    1. Keep speaking my sister;God does desires to come out of us into our world.Blessings.

  9. Greatings n the Name of Jesus,

    I love the Lord so much….challenges, temptations trials are not giving me rest, I was looking for the words to lift my spirit after series of inceident one after another which drains my faith…I then landed to your website. I will go through the verses each day. Everything on your website is relevant to our circumstances. May God Bless you most abundantly…

  10. Thank you for your confessions and comments. Found you accidentally but have been blessed by the topics. Especially appreciate the authors you have used as they are pillars of faith.

  11. Pray for me as currently am facing stress , dipression & financial difficulties but I know one day I will be out these in Jesus name of Nazareth.

  12. Grace and peace be your in abundance
    I happened to be seeking Gods plan Thur these times of suffering and reigning he often speakers one word and I’m on a spiritual high what you saying Lord. Please pray for wisdom and understanding as often I shut feel the need to go away hear from him. Your site is a comfort to me and will turn here often in its comfort It’s my desk top page daily besides my Bible. God Does Bless✝️🙏. MsDeonne

  13. Please pray that there won’t be vacancy in any of our building, that God will help us to rent them out.

  14. These confessions are a blessing to me. Thank you…and may God Bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine on you and grant you His Shalom!

  15. Thank you for these scriptures, my wife and I are having a little financial difficulties, but I trust the LORD that HE will supply all our needs according to HIS riches in GLORY. Thank you

  16. Prayer please for me and my family we are facing eviction praying god will make a way out of no way.holidays are coming believing the lord for a supernatural miracle in Jesus name amen..

    1. People are praying for you.
      Please let us know the miracle GOD did for you.

  17. Lani, make God (in Christ) your refuge and your strength. He is your inheritance, your provision, your prosperity, your good health, your strength, your peace, your comfort, your ever present help. The work of righteousness is peace: the service of righteousness is quiet and confidence (Isaiah 32.17). Our position is to believe. That is our work: to believe that what God says is true. Hold on to the word of God. That is your true inheritance. Be open to all that God (in Christ) has for you! Blessings!!

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