Speak Your Future To Your Future

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We may have inherited much of our past, but we create most of our future. We start out in a world created by others, but gradually over time, we change that world into one of our own creation. A new world created by our actions, decisions, and words.  Many of us understand how important decisions and actions are, but most do not realize how important the words are that we speak. Our words can create beautiful things or destroy beautiful things.

Spiritually speaking, we all carry a loaded gun right below our noses. It is called a mouth. Our words can act like bullets. We shoot this mouth off way too often and way too much. We end up hurting others and hurting ourselves. Do not curse your future; bless your future. Speak out things that you would want and not the things that you would not want. If you do not like the way your life is today then change the way you speak today. Change your words. Words that we have been spoken in the past have for the most part shaped the world we live in today.

Our words can create beautiful things or destroy beautiful things.
I am not saying that you or your words are responsible for the terrible things others may have done to you. You did not cause their actions. However, through faith in God, you can now build a good life no matter what may have happened to you in the past. The point is this – do not inadvertently curse your future by retelling the negative things of the past.

So that he who is blessing himself in the earth, Does bless himself In the God of faithfulness, Isaiah 65:16a Young’s Literal Translation

The words you speak today create the future you’ll have tomorrow. Believe for the best and speak the best. It takes both because believing by itself is not enough. You do not get what you believe; you get what you believe and say.

For with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth, he confesses, resulting in salvation. Romans 10:10

Active believing includes speaking and doing. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, He spoke to it. He did not just believe that it would dry up from the roots and die. He believed and commanded it to dry up from the roots and die. He spoke His desired result. He then commanded His disciples to do the same thing, except that He gave them a much bigger example – a mountain.

Jesus said to them, “Have faith in God! For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be removed, and be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he said. Mark 11:22, 23

Do not inadvertently curse your future by retelling the negative things of the past.
In the above verse, believing is mentioned one time, and speaking is mentioned three times. We mostly get the believing part but leave off the speaking part. We do not realize that belief is released into the world by speaking. Speaking your desired future is not lying or denial. We do not deny current conditions. We are simply calling forth the true conditions that we are believing for. We do not deny the facts of our current situation, but choose to believe and receive the truth, that God will change the natural condition. In the natural, Abraham was a fatherless old man, way beyond the age of having children, but God spoke to him and called him to be a Father of Many Nations.

“I have made you the father of many nations.” He (Abraham) is our father in the presence of God whom he believed–the God who makes the dead alive and summons the things that do not yet exist as though they already do. Romans 4:17

God calls those things that do not exist yet as though they already exist. We are to do the same. Hebrews 11:1 says that, ‘Faith is the reality of things hoped for, the evidence of thing not yet seen.’ Faith speaks to the things that do not yet exist ‘as though they already do’ exist. Speak your faith continually and someday it will exist.

This does not mean that we can speak anything we want into existence. Our power comes from faith, and faith comes from what God has promised in His word. Take your needs and desires to Him and His word. If you find a promise that supports your desire, find out what the conditions are and meet them. Then speak that promised desire out of your mouth until you believe it and continue to speak it out until you receive it.

We must continue to hold firmly to our declaration of faith. The one who made the promise is faithful.  Hebrews 10:23

By faith, you can create new worlds of blessing in your life similar to how God created new worlds. He spoke them into existence (Hebrews 11:3). The Bible says that things can be created out of nothing by the spoken word of God. Speaking faith is the power that gives us the victory. It is how we are to overcome evil.

And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God. And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Revelation 12:10, 11

It says that we overcame the evil one – by the (shed) Blood of the Lamb and the (spoken) word of our testimony. Go out there and find the will of God, and then speak it into existence.

Dream Big – Hope Big – Believe Big – Speak Big – Receive Big


  1. Thank you for the word that can change lives and Bless all those that get a hold of Gods promises, For the Lord is faithful to His word .
    Blessings , Pastor Carlos Perez

  2. If u have a phone with Google, download a free KJV Bible app & let it play the WORD OF GOD, OUTLOUD to the sports in your house. The spirit of hate, spirit of desertion, spirit of depressioas, etc. evil spirits r ONLY AFRAID of THE WORD OF GOD, SO put it into the air where they live to torment is. And start praying Scriptures that go with what u going thru
    Google them also. My phone is am instant way to find the right Scripture to pray over ur situations u r going thru. Ps.107:20 says HE SENT HID WORD & HEALED THEM from their destructions
    SIt says so. But we have to DO IT, NOT JUST AGREE WITH IT after reading it silently. the evil spirits will sit on the arm of your chair as long as u read it silent, nut will glee when DONE OUTLOUD. And after u run them off u can think straight, pray Scripture outlays, always. Gods Word is only powerful IF DONE.

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  4. My professed born again Christian husband and father of our (now 12 years old triplet) sons confessed a secret sex addiction, divorced, abandoned and rejected us over five years ago and two years ago moved 2000 miles away and refuses to communicate or have anything to do with me or our children. I pray without ceasing, read God’s Word daily, have sought deliverance, spoke to my circumstances, etc. nothing has changed and I am drowning in despair and aloneness. I don’t want to live life this way. I don’t know what to believe for or speak out for in faith. Do I ask God to change my heart and desire for our family to be restored, do I speak life and reconciliation over my circumstances? I need God’s peace and joy restored in my heart, mind and spirit yet no relief has come. How do I get over the devastation, impoverishment, loss and daily overwhelmed life of a 58 year old single parent mother of three 12 year old boys? I feel forsaken, forgotten and forever alone. What am I doing wrong – to remain so defeated?

    1. I think you are reacting like a human being. – but give him up and now concentrate on yourself. I hope you have an attorney going after child support? Do you have other family around to help you? If you have no resources, go to your local Social Services. As I write this I realize that you’ve probably done all that. If so, try to think that you are better off without your husband. View him as an ill man. You owe it to your boys to make yourself healthy. Keep praying while you take some constructive action for yourself. May you be blessed.

    2. Author

      Jeannie – I totally agree with Kay’s comments. Forget the guy. He is gone and you need someone far better than him. God can do it. Allow God to rebuild hope in your heart and life. I know it may feel like it but your life is not over. It is far from over. God is a miracle working God and He can change your life and situation. He desires to give you the desires of your heart – Psalm 37:4, 5. Seek Him and His promises. He can do it.

      Also, get an attorney and get that bum to help pay for you and your sons. Do it for them. We love you. God is big enough. You are not alone. You are never alone in God! Rex

    3. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that Jeannie M. would find your peace and resolutions. That You would supernaturally put forgiveness into her heart for her ex-husband. That a turn around would occur in her life and the lives of her boys and that they would see Your Mighty Hand come forth and give them what they need. I ask for the Healing Balm of Gilead which is the Holy Spirit to permeate their hearts and their atmosphere and they would feel and see a difference. In all this I touch and agree with her for a circumstanisantial miracle. In Jesus name Amen.

    4. You are not alone dear. I just said a prayer for you,God will never leave you. I suggest you forget about him and focus on you,God and your kids. God will give you double portions for all you have lost,he will lift you up from everything you are experiencing,pls don’t give up!! I love you.

    5. Jeannie

      I understand your situation from the perspective of a wife, i’m going through the same situation since 5 years. Standing for your marriage and children is not a little thing, Marriage and Family is an institution from God. My husband filled for divorce because i asked him for 3hrs on every Sundays to go to church but he was against. I started standing for my husband and his salvation. Pray God your husband’s heart may be changed and come back to his sense. Your husband is lost in his addiction, the little boy in him is crying for help, please see him with your eyes of compassion. He can’t control his life and situation by himself, pray that God will bring him to situation so that he may recognise the need of God in his life.

      When we go through painful situation like this, look to God, search Him and He will show you a way, i’m sure you did all. Today i ask you, stop looking at yourself and the painful situation, God is asking you to just believe in him. His word is true and all His promises will come to pass in our Life. Just Believe with all your Heart and as Rez mentioned, start seeking and declaring the restoration you want in your life. I’ll pray for you today.

      Hold On with Jesus, because He lives.

      We love you, be strong and courageous the best is yet to come my sister.


  5. Faith in action results in powerful results that glorify God our Father. Thank you for the encouraging word.

  6. Lots of good stuff to read, re-read and then apply. I have been seeking guidance & wisdom within the last 5-6 months. Added on a part-time job to my full-time job in hopes of being able to switch from my current full-time job into this new venture within the next year, but it’s off to a slow start so far. I know I am called to do better than a 40 hour work week, making mediocre money, living a mediocre life. Just need to trust and be patient. Thanks for sharing some affirming words and scripture. Prayer would be much appreciated! God Bless!

    1. Author

      Zach – Good for you. Believe for your dream and work for your dream. Nothing is easy and nothing good is without risk. Keep speaking your heart and vision out there. We agree with you in Jesus Name. We love you. Rex

      1. Zach, it takes time to get to where (think) you want to be. Someone said that the only things we really regret doing are the things we didn’t do – so don’t give up, it will work out for your best. Blessings

  7. I am 15 years old and I pray that I have a blessed future and that God stays with me. I pray his guidance is clear for me and he holds my hand every step of the way. I believe that God has something big planned for me ?!!

  8. This article is so powerful, by the Grace of my Heavenly Father, I will stat watching the words that’s come out of my mouth. I will only believe for the best, and speak the best.
    Thank you.
    Ps Rex
    Do you have any other article that really explain sickness?

  9. I was so impressed with all the blessings an faith with courage an bravery IM a living testimony of so many traps the devil send me but with my heart ❤ so dear I love Jesus an god beyond words an old wise man told me forty years ago if you ain’t lived you ain’t learned IM. Now a double amputee an still striving to reach the GOAL I see , hear , KNOW the holy spirit amen

  10. My name is Agbaji Chinedu your write up is a tonic to my life and family am happy to be part of this group. Thank you and do more.

  11. God evening,
    My name is Godspower. Your article has just inspired me to start speaking to my good things to my future. I have learnt a lot from this article. Thank you so much.

  12. When we say “Jesus is my strength” we have two choices:

    1. Is to view this as a positive affirmation – from which we derive a measure of strength, or
    2. Because “Jesus is my strength” i.e. we rely on and rejoice because “Jesus is my strength”. He is actually active and fully engaged in the detail of my life…..

    It is an important distinction – but hard to explain. The first is Anthony Robbins-esque. It relies on us to draw mental-strength from an affirmation albeit about Jesus. The second, simply relies fully on Jesus. It is real faith. The first is not real faith in my view.

  13. My brother is facing many challenges but thorough this inspirational word of confession I believe he will overcome everything by God’s grace

  14. Hi, I am blessed for having being guided by the Holy Spirit, to find this most inspiring site two nights ago. I have not stopped reading and reflecting on these various writings. How sweet and inspiring they have been to me, especially in matters of faith and the Word.
    Thank you. I have been praying and speaking the Word and declaring my faith into my need for finance my three sons to travel abroad my studies, despite certain deadlines, I am going to continue speaking positive words that I have received the funds required. I almost and was giving up on believing in the fact that by faith, and in speaking the Word and claiming that I have the required funds was not happening and almost questioning if this works and I read this particular article and feel that I must continue to believing that I have received the required funds.
    Thank you for being such an inspired vessel of hope.

  15. Hello Rex,

    Thank you for your article ‘Speak Your Future to Your Future’. You may like to know that your article was God’s answer to my prayer!

    I have been speaking words of healing over my self for several months now, totally trusting in God’s Word and His promises. Then the other day, because I hadn’t seen any improvement in the symptoms, I started to lose hope. I wondered if I was being foolish to think my words could make me well. Was I the only one who believed in this? I felt discouraged and went to God in prayer.

    It is so amazing how God answered my prayer on this matter. About one hour later, as I was going through the TV channels, I came across a man and his adult daughter who were speaking of the power of your words, and you can have what you want by speaking it! His name was Charles Capps, and even though I didn’t know of him, I somehow knew his name. This was exactly what I needed to hear, to know that I’m not alone in believing about speaking out loud my future. I was so excited, and had regained my hope and faith to an even higher degree than before! I shared all of this with my family, and they were eager to speak things over their own lives.

    Then my daughter called to say that she was listening to Joyce Meyer on the radio talking about the same topic! And sure enough, I opened my e-mails yesterday, and there was your article on exactly the same subject! God is really trying to let me know that I’m not alone in this, and that He approves! The symptoms are there, but I am so determined to be well, that I will not give up! All I need to do is speak out what I want and have the faith to believe for it. Thanks again for your timely article.

    1. Author

      Ann – Wow, isn’t God faithful and good! My Pastor also taught on this last Sunday. Charles Capps is great. He has been teaching on this subject for decades.

      Read our latest post – She Spoke Her Miracle Into Being. It is along similar lines – Hold fast the speaking of your faith, knowing that God is faithful. He promised and He will perform!

      Also look up these two other articles – Faith Knows the Final Score, An Analogy of Faith and Faith Is ‘hupostasis’ – Hebrews 11:1 God bless, Rex

  16. For some reason I always felt compelled to burn my bridges; if a relationship or a job was going downhill, I forced a confrontation so I could storm away in self-satisfied victory. It was hearing the voice of God that made me realize I was ruining my future at the same time as my present. I always thought the most powerful weapon I had was my automobile, I know now it is my mouth. I am trying so hard to be different to protect my current and my future, and I know that if God forgives my past who am I not to? But not a day goes by that I don’t cringe with guilt and pain over things I’ve done and people I’ve hurt. Circumstances and frankly pain prevent me from facing certain people to apologize. How else can I ever escape myself?

    1. Author

      Kay – How can you escape the past and yourself? You go on from this point on with love and forgiveness in your heart for everybody in your life, INCLUDING YOURSELF. We have all done this to some degree. Let it go and now speak grace and favor over yourself and over all those that God may bring to your remembrance. Watch your words and change your words. Face situations with faith and love and peace, and watch your life explode with blessings. This is exactly what Jesus died for. Use His word and His work.

      Many of the things we did in the past were traps laid by the Devil. He would lay them, and then if we fell into them he would taunt and accuse us with guilt. It is a double whammy. Get free from the cycle and lean hard on the grace of God and the forgiveness of God.

      Get the scriptures inside of you and go for it as hard as you can. Stick with it no matter what it looks like in the short run. At first It may look like it is not working and you may not ‘feel’ it. That is just the Devil and your flesh fighting you. Go through it and see the salvation of God.

      Read some of the victorious articles on this site and allow them to encourage you and motivate you. We love you and believe in you. Rex

      1. Rex – You did not say much that I have not thought before, but – wow – although I strongly believe that Satan is alive and the evil in this world is caused by him, I never connected that some things we did in the past could have been traps laid by the Devil and if we fell into them, his victory (and our punishment/loss) was guilt and regret. I always took the whole burden onto myself and my innate defects and deficiencies. I take things very literally and the written word, even more than the spoken one, has great impact on me. I’m tearing with relief and gratitude. Thank you so much.

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