Stonewall Jackson – A Man of Prayer

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In General “Stonewall Jackson,” God found a true man who would stand in the gap. Both strong and tender, the motto of his life was, “Lord what wilt thou have me to do?” As fervent in the field of battle, so was Jackson on his knees in prayer.

As a general in the Confederate Army, “Stonewall Jackson” had a profound influence over his men. It was his holy and prayerful example that contributed to the great revival among the Southern troops. By midsummer of 1863, revival had spread to all the Confederate armies. A chaplain of the 26th Alabama Regiment said that his unit alone averaged 100 converts a week for several weeks. During this same time another chaplain declared that, ‘modern history presents no example of an army so nearly converted. A third of all soldiers in the field were men of prayer and members of some fellowship. J. W. Jones suggested that 150,000 conversions took place in Lee’s Army alone.

It was this revival that no doubt prepared the South for the humiliation that was to follow their eventual defeat, but best of all the revival prepared thousands of young and old alike to meet Christ in eternity (many only too soon). Truly, General Jackson impacted our history through the power of prayer.

It is amazing to me that someone, anyone, could be so close to God’s heart on so many issues and yet be so far off the mark on others. Here is man, a solid believing prayerful man, that was just that way. I am not knowledgeable on all the motivations that pushed the South into the Civil War but I cannot imagine that all of them were consistent with God’s heart and purpose.

This should be a warning for all of us not to just assume that we are always in the ‘right’ and that WE could never be deceived. President Abraham Lincoln whenever he heard people say that, “God was on their side in the war,’ was known to respond, “I don’t want to claim that God is on our side, I want to pray humbly that we are on God’s side.” Let us be people of prayer and people that humbly pray that we are always on God’s side.


  1. two sides to every story , what is PC is not the facts about the South.. black soldiers in the north were segregated NOT in the south they were side by side fighting in the Southern Army units.. Southerners paid way to much in taxes to the Goverment of this United States..

  2. One should also look at how Jackson treated black people. He taught them to read and write so they could read the Bible. He taught them every Sunday afternoon in the Presbyterian Church, Lexington. Think about that.

    Before the next statue comes down, think about his service and victories he helped win during the Mexican War.


    1. LOVE this, Jackson was a man to be respected , he lived what he believed in.. A way of life , unfair tax on Southern states.. ect.. We all have to choose what we think is right , those were trying times , we’re in trying time like no other..

  3. Even worse than questioning a man of faith like T.J. Jackson is to quote a Godless man like Abraham Lincoln, you may want to better inform yourself about Lincoln. Hanging native Americans and ordering total war, you folks that think he wasn’t a racist please show me a photograph with a black person!! And there were plenty in Washington and held back by army when he went to Richmond!! I suggest books my Thomas DiLorenzo for another look at how we’ve been duped, every statement he makes has a foot or to verify. I’m know I’m long winded but my gggrandfather had the honor to serve under the general and soon after his return was preaching the gospel, he may have been before the war but I haven’t found that information. If you’ve made it this far thanks for your respect!!

  4. I disagree with you about the wrong side. I was dupped for years about the true issues the civil war was fought over, so do more homework.

  5. Author

    Rich – I agree. They are heroes of faith, not individuals that were right in everything all the time. Thanks for the comment. God bless

  6. Joe:

    I agree with you. The Civil War was about State’s Rights, not slavery. The North was a wicked part of our country. I was raised in PA and was brainwashed on what a great man Abraham Lincoln was . It’s false. US Grant and Sherman destroyed Richmond and Atlanta and were blood thirsty evil men. I live in Richmond and I still hear the race card played all the time. I saw the movie Lincoln and it was a big lie. It put a Black eye on Virginia.

  7. Re: Motivations for “Civil War” – were more complex than probably should be discussed here, but the bottom line is that “The War of Northern Aggression” occurred because the North invaded the South.

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