The Teaching of E.W. Kenyon

Essek William Kenyon (1867 – 1948) was an evangelist, pastor, president of a Bible Institute, author, songwriter, and poet. He is best known for the numerous books that he authored that are still in great demand today. Kenyon’s writings dramatically unfold the glorious truths of the revelation given to the apostle Paul in simple, concise language. He wrote for the spirit man, addressing the heart more than the head.

Understanding the Father-heart of God, who we are in Christ, and the authority and privileges of the believer were central to Kenyon’s message.

In his writings, Kenyon calls the believer up and out of the mire of traditional unbelief into the deep, rich treasures of our redemption in Christ. Many lives have been transformed reading his simple, yet profound books. To read more go to Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society

Other articles by E.W. Kenyon – God Reproducing Himself In Us, Raised With Him, His Name On Our Lips Brings Healing, What We Are In Christ, and Paul About Prayer. All articles are used by permission.


  1. The man was a trans- generational inspiration. I love taking strengths from his sermons and Wigglesworth too.

  2. Honour those who labour in the word rather than criticize them for the interference of their ‘human limitations’. We are also humans.more important in the sight of God is our over all edification.

  3. His teachings are so alive till this very minute. I am stronger, impacted and joyful as I speak positively. Hallelujah

  4. I regret not reading Brother Kenyon’s books until now. I decided to feast on them now and in the coming weeks and my life is transforming so fast. It’s a huge blessing touching his ministry

    1. I too have just discovered his teaching. My Christian life has been transformed beyond belief. Thank you Jesus for such a rare gem in the body of Christ.

  5. 3000 saved thru Peter’s teaching on the day of Pentecost. nothing is said the were baptised in the HOLY spirit.

  6. A dynamic God called preacher/teacher light years ahead of his time. He doesn’t have all of the truth, like the rest of us, but for the time/era I don’t know of anyone with more revelation knowledge. He is not big on water baptism “in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin.” Jesus said “I come in My Fathers’ Name”. If Jesus had His Fathers’ Name and His Name is Jesus, they had the same name, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost is Jesus in spirit form. In John 14:17 Jesus told the apostles that they knew the Spirit of Truth/Holy Ghost because He was looking straight at them living with them and He told them that He would be in them via the baptism in the Holy Ghost, the spiritual presence in each of us. Jesus couldn’t minister to billions of people with His one body but spiritually He could indwell billions and billions and speak to each one personally. When you know the Fathers’ name Matt 28:19 is easy to understand what the “the name” singular means. One God not three. One spirit not three. One Son not three and One Name not three. When Saul was struck down to the earth on the road to Damascus and he asked God “who are you Lord/Jehovah”? What did Jehovah respond? “My name is JESUS. I am the one that you have been persecuting”. One NAME/JESUS not three titles. One baptism (in/into the NAME of Jesus Christ) with which a believing one/the bride, takes the NAME of the bridegroom which goes along with 1 PETER 3:21 even baptism doth also NOW save us. E W Kenyon was a dynamo for Jesus, no doubt it. He had a burden for lost souls not for big houses and cars and boats and jet planes and motorcycles and billion dollar bank accounts. He was a GOD CALLED SPIRIT GUIDED man of God not a seminary indoctrinated sense ruled tool of the devil

      1. Dr. Kenyon’s books and messages have been a great inspiration to me. He really makes the Word come alive!
        Powerful! Amazing and Awesome!

  7. I meet Kenyon thru his books in 2001 and my life was transformed,if you really want to read his book will advice you have some fasting with the Bible close to you for proof of what you reading.then you discover Kenyon got apostles Paul entire family called me by his name,am so blessed

  8. I do not seem to agree with the idea that unless you are baptized with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues you are not born again as portrayed in Bro Kenyon’s “What happened in the Upper Room”. The Lord Jesus in his discourse with Nicodemus stated in John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him, should not perish but have everlasting life. No Holy Spirit baptism required. Apostle Paul replied the jailer in Act 16:31: Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved, and thy household. Again no mention of Holy Spirit Baptism as a critical requirement for salvation.

    1. I was reading all the comments and saw this one. Interestingly I just read a few minutes ago in one of his books that someone can be a Christian and not speak in tongues or not being baptized by Holy Spirit . So he doesn’t think that if you haven’t been baptized by the Holy Spirit or if you don’t speak in tongues you are not a Christian . I just wanted to share so you know what he really believed according to his books. The one I was looking at was New Creation Realities . Blessings ?

    2. Yes, I have to disagree with you on the issue of Holy spirit baptism.
      Matthew 3:17 after Easter baptism the Angel of the lord appeared and said, This is my beloved son in whom am well pleased.
      But after the ministry of Jesus her advised the apostles to wait in Jerusalem until they are filled with power.
      Acts to chapter two we see the disciples being filled with the Holy Spirit and it was evident, the people saw them

    3. Amen , Amen!!!Really . Is faith a”force” or our response to HIM we trust & believe for our being. Speaking in “Tounge” is not a Mystery , it is a gift from God so that any one gifted can communicate the Word of God to those who were not reached by the Gospel. It is a known language of the recipient of the Gospel of God not jibberish talk.

      Please read Apostle Pauls’ Epistles for his explanation not mans interpretation.

  9. I do not seem to agree with the idea that unless you are baptized with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues you are not born again as portrayed in “What happened in the Upper Room”. The Lord Jesus in his discourse with Nicodemus stated in John 3:16 – For God so loved the world Again no mention of Holy Spirit Baptism as a critical requirement for salvation.

    1. God’s Word doesn’t say that you cannot be born again unless you speak in tongues. The context of I Cor 12:3 is that the unbelievers thought they were cursing their God via speaking in tongues (S.I.T.) because they would curse their gods (idols), when they failed them. Paul was saying 1) you cannot curse God via S.I.T. and 2) that the only real proof of someone’s is born again is when they speak in tongues. It was the norm for a new believer to speak in tongues when they were born again in the 1st century church.

      It is God’s will that we speak in tongues as Paul writes in I Cor 14:3. There isn’t any qualifier as to who can, every believer can. It is up to you. But must be done decently and in order as I Cor 14 details. Many have seen the improper usage of S.I.T., but Ch 14 explains how to do it correctly so we know when it isn’t being done properly. When I am not S.I.T. with interpretation in a believers meeting, I S.I.T. to myself so I don’t freak people out. S.I.T. has 12 benefits, but one of them is perfect prayer which we need so much these days (Rom 8:26).

      God is a very, very loving God and Father which only requires someone to believe Rom 10:9 to get born again and verse 10 explains how it works. But, God has given us great power in the spirit he gave us via the 9 manifestations (not gifts), of the spirit. We can chose to use them or not. We have free will as I Cor 12:11 says.

      I am very thankful for the work E.W. Kenyon did for us. One that is especially close to my heart being a science geek growing up is “The Reason for the Earth”. It is here

      1. You are right. But it is what was commanded , that they should go and wait till that power came upon them. There are lots of things one does not have to do to be saved but it is to yours and my benefit if we obey everything in it, and it gives you a language with which only the Holy Spirit and the father knows in which you can communicate with the Father. Lots of people try to see how much they have to give to the Father , that the rest of their lives and time is to do as they wish. Therefore they have set the measure “with whatsoever measure , it shall be measured back to you and me.” The level of God in us and our lives will never rise above what we are willing to give him and The more we read and obey the word the more Power, Faith, and Love that one will have in life. Ir is all according to the power that is with in. Ephesians 3:20

        1. I absolutely agree. I was explaining this to my father-in-law, a Methodist minister, even though you may not have to do it to be saved, we will definitely miss out on the absolute benefit and awesome demonstration of God and his power in our lives if we don’t. 😉

        2. Thank you, Tina. I appreciate your spiritual integrity. I would not want to set small expectations on such an enormous God. This statement was profound in my mind and resonates. You are blessed.

    2. Edward, You keep referring to the discourse between Jesus and Nicodemus found in John chapter 3. I love John chapter 3 and one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me about John chapter 3 when Jesus told Nicodemus he must be born again to see the Kingdom of GOD. Then Jesus told Nicodemus what he must do to enter the Kingdom of GOD. John 3:16 is one of the most popular verses in the bible in which Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection had to take place prior to the fulfillment of John 3:5 which is found in Acts chapter 2 when Apostle Peter preached the 1st message on being born of water and spirit. Let’s not leave any of Jesus’s words to Nicodemus out because we all want to enter into the Kindom of GOD!!!

  10. Unless I’m not comprehending the “simple” teachings from “Advanced bible course, studies in the deeper life, it appears that Kenyon is adding the “Word” as a fourth member of the Trinity.
    Maybe somebody could help shed some light to this “simple” teaching.

      1. We are not expected to “like” anything, but rightly divide the word of God and apply it in obedience. Sean was asking for clarification.

    1. Joe can you separate the word from the person that is the word made flesh?

    2. John 1:1~4 1John 5:7 three bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word/Jesus and the Holy Ghost and these three are ONE( and the same,) not this ONE is three. Ephesians 4:6 ONE God and Father of all who is above all and through all and ( in you all) is this GOD the Father indwelling us? I thought that the Holy Ghost indwells us. Mary conceived seed after that the Holy Ghost overshadowed her Matt 1:20, Luke 1:35. Wasn’t God “the” Father? God IS ONE. These three are ONE. Gods’ economy and Gods’ math. NOT this ONE equals three. Deut. 6:4 Hear O Israel the Lord your God is ONE. Zechariah 14:9 ONE Lord ONE name “JESUS” Acts 4:12. No additions by Kenyon. 1+1+1=1 not 1+1+1=3. These 3 are1 but this 1 is not 3. God is a spirit not flesh. You can’t chop God into pieces

    3. I John 5:2
      “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one.”

      Maybe this is where he was referencing from.

      Going back for context purposes, read all of 1 John 5. Our Lord is amazing in clarity to those that want to rightly divide his word without puffed up pride. You will be blessed for your desire to do so. Continue to ask questions, it helps others seek responses and grow.

  11. David, just finished In His Presence and am working on Two Kinds of Faith. He is very Scripturally correct so far. I read your comments with amazement. What Titles contain the satanic error, I say satanic because if you are indeed correct it is. Maybe someone edited these “beliefs into his work after he passed.

  12. I would love to know how to get his books..
    I like his messages..
    I need the book IN HIS PRESENCE.

    1. Be very careful with his books, he gets off in error, he says the Lord got redeemed born and became the Son of God in hell(falsedoctrine)! The Bible plainly says this day in the city of David a savior is born, the whole plan of salvation is God manifest in the flesh, seen of angels, this happen in a virgin womb, Mary birth him and he came thru her womb.

      1. Author

        David – I sort of agree. His early books are the best. The ones with “Two Kinds of …” in the title. The rest were edited by his daughters after his death.

        He does teach that Jesus died spiritually during His work on the Cross. I do not believe that. Scripture is mute on the subject so we should be also. The few verses that they use to push that point are badly handled – both in the Old Testament and New Testament.

        We don’t know exactly what went on in the heart of Jesus on the Cross, but we do know that it was huge. He was forsaken by the Father for the first time in eternity. We have no idea what that actually means. It is a mystery and I leave it as such. I believe this ‘forsaking’ is the part that drove Him to sweat blood in the garden. Of course, the torture was horrible, but being cut off from the Father made everything else pale by comparison.

        Thanks for your comments. We love you. Rex

      2. 1Timothy 3:16 Great is the mystery of Godliness, GOD was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world and received up into glory, who was? God was. Before you start throwing fiery darts at Brother Kenyon When was He/Jesus justified in the spirit? What happened to God/Jesus that He had to be justified spiritually? Did He commit sin? Of course not. Did the Father lay the sin of the world on the spotless Lamb of God? Did He make Him who knew no sin to become sin for us 2 Corinth 5:21 that we might become the righteousness of God in him? Did Jesus go to hell in our place so we wouldn’t have to go and suffer the wrath of God and serve the sentence that we should have served Psalms 88? The JUST serving the sentence for the unjust. Thank God He did. On that cross the Father allowed sin to touch and penetrate His sinless spirit and He became separated from the father, Jesus took on spiritual death for us but He was still alive physically and that’s when Jesus cried out “my God my God, why did you forsake/abandon Me”. Then he was able to give up the ghost/ die physically. Almighty God turned his back on Jesus, all of this for us. Jesus served our sentence, paid our debt and the Father was satisfied and declared the world acquitted of sin and His Son righteous and that’s when Jesus was revived in His spirit/ brought back to life spiritually/ begotten again/ first born again from the dead, battled and beat his adversary the devil in front his cohorts and then snatched the keys of death and hell and arose out of hell ascended up to earth and into Josephs’ tomb entered His dead physical body and blew the door out of that tomb and walked out of that tomb/grave and salvation became a fact/ complete. Jesus died was buried and rose again, Repentance baptism Holy Ghost, death burial resurrection. Acts 2:38 Peters’ formula for being Born~Again. If you are born once, you will die twice. The second death is hell for eternity Rev. 20:14, 21:8. If you are born twice you will only die once unless Jesus shows up first. If you are born twice you will never die

        1. James Tansy, you left off two very important verses at the end of the paragraph found in John 11:25 & 26. NKJV – 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. 26 And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

  13. I know a Kenyon family in the U.S.A.. Maybe, BBC World Service has a worker re sports news , whose last name in Kenyon. Have a holy, happy Lent.

  14. Good day

    I would like to ask permission for my husband to use EW Kenyon’s material if possible. He ministers currently to the police officers and at the jail in our local town as well as in the surrounding rural area.
    I hope you find it in order and hoping to hear from you soon.

    Greetings Nina Visagie

  15. This man’s have really transformed my life and the lives of those around me.

  16. Wonderful teachings. I really love them and may they continue creating impacts in generation after generation.

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