The Faith, or Christianity – Which Is It?

During the time of the early Church, the believers referred to themselves as The Faith, The Way, or the Walk of Faith. Only to outsiders were they referred to as Christians. The original term Christian, was meant as a derogatory term, referring to His dying on a reproached cross. We, as believers in the finished work of this cross, received it gladly and wore it as a badge of honor.

Today, we seem to forget about the all-encompassing requirement of faith, and only refer to ourselves as Christians. We love the idea of being associated with Christ, but a title is not the basis of our association. Our walk with Christ is a walk of faith. Our association with Him is through faith, and not by title. We identify with Him through faith in His Name, not in our name.

Our life is built on THE FAITH, our path is THE WAY of faith, and our life is to be a WALK of FAITH. This was clear to the early Church; it must also be clear to us.

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