The Salvation Process – The God-Man Partnership

Our relationship with God  is a dynamic and amazing partnership – God and His created man. He sends His Word, which has knowledge of His will, to man. Man, in turn, hears and receives God’s will and obeys it. God then responds to man’s obedience and helps him. This is the process of faith and obedience, and in this process, man’s life changes. It changes from one of darkness to light, hell to heaven, and from pain to joy. This process of change is called salvation.

Faith is what brings His life and His world into our life and our world. He gives us the first amount of faith that allows us to receive Him and to become like Him. The faith beyond that is our responsibility. We have to receive it, grow it, and use it ourselves. It is the foolproof fail-safe system of God.

The Process of Change Is Called Salvation

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