The following are a small sampling of short Kenneth E. Hagin sermons.

The Word Will Change Your Circumstances
A Father’s Part
Faith Is an Act
Study the Word
How Much More
The Name of Jesus Belongs to You
Resolved To Grow
You Must Believe
Mere Men? No!
Faith Follows Light
Faith Comes by Hearing
Your Faith Can Make You Whole
It’s Mine
In Him
Heart and Mouth
Speak in Faith
Walk by Faith
Faith: Acting on God’s Word
By Faith
I Can
Believe the Truth
Take Your Thoughts Captive
Casting Down Reasonings


  1. I love thr surmons you normal share with the public, so i want to learn more about God through this platform

  2. Good morning,I need your daily devotion to grow spiritually.Thank you

  3. I came in contact with Ken E Hagin’s book few years back when I became desperate to truly know God. The books really helped my understanding of God’s word for my spiritual liberty. I can’t stop reading his books.

  4. I aways love to read Ken Hagins’ books. They have helped me understand the Bible better.

      1. These books would have been of more blessings it were offline

  5. I look forward to my devotion with pspps Hagin every day, I receive my blessing through reading his devotion and faith food every day.Praise the name of Jesus.

  6. I thank God for leading me to this site. It a blessing to my life and ministry. God will enrich all of you here to continue this great work to bless mankind.

  7. I love this ministry. It has being a blessing to me over two decades now. Keep on doing the good work

  8. Words cannot describe how blessed and enlightened I’ve been via this Ministry.
    Thank you so much.

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