1. Shalom!!! Great authors and great work indeed, we bless the Lord God almighty 🙏

    1. I encourage this site to research Finney’s book on Freemasonry, little known but greatly needed. Finney found a correlation between revival and the lodge.Get his
      book, The Character Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry, dynamite.

      1. I pray you are not promoting Free Masonry they are a satanic cult. May God have mercy on your soul if you are.

        1. I realize now after research that Finney was exposing Freemasonry not promoting it. Hope I feel the same after reading his book.

      2. At first I thought Finney was promoting Freemasonry after research and finding his book, I believe he was revealing it. Am now in process of reading it.

  2. I believe my Grandfather Duncan MacIntosh was in ministry with AB Simpson. I have pictures.

  3. You have some great books. They aare a great blessing. Can you get the book by C. Nuzman, The Life of Faith?

  4. Thank you for your website and we are in needy literature eg Bibles in our local language only 60 copies books and tracts for free distribution to unsaved souls Ezekiel 33:6-9

    1. Perhaps the Holy Spirit has led me to see your request for literature, especially Bibles. I will definitely pray for God to provide for you and the people where you are. and ask Him if there is something He will have me do. My email address is if you would like to contact me.

  5. What a rich site. Thank you for compiling this and making it available.

    1. This is powerful. We need more of this positiveness in our society. Our young people need more of this. Thank you

  6. For pdf filed that you cannot select the text, you have to use an Optical Character Recognition site and go page by page. I used

    for a pdf. It is laborious but can be done for most any pdf that you cannot copy the text of. Blessings, Jonathan

    1. Thank you, Jonathan; it was nice of you to provide this ti[. Indeed you are a “Doll.” God bless you.

  7. I am believing God for my healing buzzing of ears and anxiety praise God that as I Got in to His word and read all this healing scriptures I felt the joy of the Lord and a touch of his healing upon me and he showed me the things that I have to change in my life besides getting closer to him and spending time more with him it was an awesome time can’t wait till the manifistaion of his healing at his timing thank you Jesus so if anyone is lead by the Lord to pray in agreement with me for my healing would apreciate it thank you in advance God bless.

    1. I hope that you are well now in the holy name of Jesus. God bless❤️

  8. Hello,

    Can you please tell me how to convert the PDF files to text files? Thank you very much, and thank you for posting these important books.

    1. Author

      Bob – Some PDF viewers will allow you to “Save As” to text file or you can copy the document and paste it into a text or Word file. I do the copy and paste thing all the time but you have to do a lot of clean up and format editing.

      1. Hello, Faith Mechanic

        I am requesting you unblock me on you’re raise the dead blog. For the following reason, you had no business telling me that like you’re teaching. As if I’m not Christian or don’t believe in god. Do you know that is discrimination right there.

        You have no right ttime tell a person of god I don’t like you’re teaching. You do know I could also report you for you being disrespectful as if you’re assuming I’m trying to run you’re website. I believe you should look at how you treat people. And not go off you’re own assumption.

        Before you go slander me and don’t know anything about me. I am postive influence on the bloggers the proof is in the pudding the comments say it all.

  9. I am about to preach on faith and happen to tap on to your sight, I am trust god to see a member who have had some accident and is unable to walk for many years, also faced with a tremendous debt.
    Please help me pray and believe, that we will see the power of the Almighty God in operation.

    God bless

  10. Hi team. I hope this message finds you very well. Actually i am facing a very critical complicated unsolveable and crucial issue since November 2016. It is ongoing till now. It seems it has no end at all. Please pray with all your heart so our Lord will solve this problem asap. It is in regards to a relationship.
    Once done, let me know please.

    Also, does God’s silence nean NO? Or his silence mean he is at work?

    Last question: will God take back what he gave?

    Does he say no after he said yes?

    Will he close a door that he opened from the beginning?

    Regards R G Sydney

  11. Hello HopeFaithPrayer , this is Denzel , I am currently developing a website which provides a huge amount resources from a broad spectrum of ministers particularly in the area of articles for people of faith.

    And I wanted to know if I could feature some of the faith-building articles on this website ?
    I need your permission before I can use your articles.

    Your materials greatly helped me in walking in the blessings of the Lord and I desire for it to be made available to people who may not come in direct contact with your website ( for those who may only hear of your good works through us ).

    Thank you very much for reading.

    1. Sorry Rex for asking that question , legeally it is not right.
      You know I asked earlier about using your articles. I have to apologize for that , sorry for asking that question . Legally I believe now it is not the right question to ask , so let’s scratch off that question and thank you very much for reading. Thank you very much for your articles , it helped got me delivered from an incurable hip disease – now I can walk , run , jump and I had no surgery. I used God’s medicine ( His Word ) to fix it. He sent His Word and it healed us. Thank You Hopefaithprayer for being an awesome website , a huge blessing to the body of Christ.

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