Faith Is a Habit – C.S. Lewis

by C.S. Lewis

cs-lewis-300-webThere were central reasons the early church continually came together. They’re the same reasons as today: to pray, worship, and be built up in the faith. Church is a sanctuary. Far different from any building or gathering of people, the community of believers forms a heaven on earth, a place where the Holy Spirit works in and through his people.

Faith, then, is disciplined through the Church. Private devotion does reassert in us the claims of Jesus upon our lives, but churchgoing forces the love of neighbor and reinforces our needs outside our own management. “We have to be continually reminded of what we believe,” says Lewis. “Neither this belief nor any other will automatically remain alive in the mind. It must be fed.”

So often we attend church for other reasons. Last week, someone at work said she and her husband were in church, “because it’s good for the kids.” It may become a social stamp of moral approval or an expectation to please family. None of these revolve around faith. Last Sunday, our pastor elaborated on the lectionary reading on the prodigal son and his brother. “No matter if we’re obeying the rules like the older son or scandalous like the prodigal son,” he said, “we are often only looking for what the father can give us, not seeking after the father’s heart.”

Church is a mainstay for believers because it pounds in the reality of sin and deceit while sounding the echos of faith heard over and over again, since Jesus showed us how to pray and how to love.

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