Faith Is a Substance, Believing Is a Process

Substance-300-webThe power of God is real, and believing makes the power of God a reality to us. It makes His reality our reality. He is all around us. His power is present every moment of every day. His reality is real – His power is real – whether we sense it or not. What a waste it is when we cannot take advantage of it.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 King James Version and New King James Version

“Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 Holman Christian Standard Bible

Faith is the reality of God’s promises. Faith is the noun form and believe is the verb form of the same Greek word, so believing is faith in action. Believing then is the process by which we receive His reality into our lives. Believing is our receiving the substance and reality of our hopes, and then providing the corresponding actions consistent with those hopes. Believing is accepting and choosing to act solely based on His reality, instead of responding to the factual but false reality around us. It is not denying this world’s reality, but rather choosing to count faith’s reality as more real. One is subject to change, the other is eternal.

“…as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18 (English Standard Version)

It is how we receive ‘His Kingdom come and His will be done’ into our sphere of life. It is the process that brings His world into our world. Faith is God’s reality and believing is putting action to that reality. The ownership of that reality is imparted to our hearts when the Word of that reality comes alive in our hearts. Let the Holy Spirit speak this reality to your heart. When that happens, the Word on the page becomes the Word in the heart. Real Bible believing is of the heart and not of the mind.

Respond to the reality represented in God’s Word, instead of responding to the factual but false reality around us.


  1. You have seen the miracles in the Holy Bible with your very own eyes when to you read It as a believer -of Christ’s Gospel.
    I like your zeal for God -you have all this knowledge from His Bible, put it to good use- and already you are preaching direcrtly from its text.
    Remember there is no other book in the whole world that can compare to the Holy Bible.

  2. Author

    Michael – I believe God will transform you into His image by Christ Jesus. But first you have to stop your mind from running all over you.

    Read these – You Cannot ‘Out Think’ the Devil But You Can ‘Out Speak’ Him and The Work of God Is Simply To Believe and Alone With God – At One With Yourself.

    And you need to get filled with the Spirit and speak in tongues. It is great for helping to get your spirit in control over your mind, intellect, and emotions. If you are already, pray in the spirit at least 30 minutes twice a day. And more if you can. At the least do what the above articles talk about. We love you. Do it. Rex

    1. And Michael,

      Get off the Creflo Dollar case……he is a mighty man of God doing wonders for the kingdom, whatever you may think or believe.

      Act your faith and believe what God says. You are already born again. Believe God that you are saved. God says so and that settles it. That applies to other areas where you are wavering like a wave tossed by the sea. Get a grip on yourself and trust God. You are not a sinner but a child of God. You have been transformed from the kingdom of satan/darkness into the kingdom of Jesus Christ/light.

      Remember, take God at His word. That is faith. Anything else is rank deception.

  3. I just got to know your website and the articles have been of a great benefit to me. Thank you so much as you place me on your mailing list. Much love

  4. I enjoy these aticle and I want to always get more of it. I pray for you these day that God will always give you fresh idea on how to write more of this aticle and touch people lives, God will give you the ablity to enlighting and educate people on God word. God bless you as you keep the good work my fellow worker in Christ

    1. Author

      God bless you, and thank you for your kind words and prayer. Rex

  5. Thank you for this website! I am encouraged in my current battle with cancer; pray for me.

    1. Author

      Tori – I will pray for you and I will believe with you. You must immerse yourself in the scriptures concerning healing. In your heart you need to be more aware of God’s healing than the cancer’s destruction. Your mind may float around, but that is okay. Your heart is the important area.

      Talk to your body and talk to the cancer. Curse it and command it to leave you in Jesus Name. It is your right by faith in what Jesus purchased on the Cross. Learn about this and do it. God loves you and He is faithful but He only moves by faith.

      He also moves through His mercy. Look on our Free Books page for this book – Receiving God’s Mercy. My Pastor wrote it. Twenty years ago he was given three months to live because of cancer. It is a walk of faith but IT CAN BE WON. We love you. Rex

  6. “Faith is God’s reality and believing is putting action to that reality.” I was going to ask was there really a difference between faith and believing and this article summed it up perfectly. Faith is a noun and believing is a verb. Thank you for this. I will believe God’s reality for my job search. He is working ALL things together for my good. I believe that as well as for my marriage situation. I thought all you needed was faith an that’s not true. Thanks for the clarification on this in this article and the corresponding articles.

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