Hope During the Holidays

George Bailey on Bridge-02The Holidays are a tough time for many people. Christmas can confront us with what we do not have and what we do not have to give. It can also be a terribly lonely time when those around us are not those we wish to be around. The stress of this is additive. We all have imperfect lives and we all live in an imperfect world. Some more than others. It can all be terribly tough and real. It takes real work to make the good things of God just as real.

I will never forget sitting in the front seat of my dad’s car with him and my mother. We had just picked up a check for the hard work of the previous four months. We had built several containers for use internationally in the oil drilling business (basically sheds to house explosives). The payment check was way way too small. The millionaire partner he had trusted had cheated him (later that year, he would do the same to his own son). That money was going to be our Christmas and give us a start into the new year. The hard realization that came over my dad when he opened the envelope was horrible. The shame and embarrassment of being taken advantage of, and of letting down his family was overwhelming. I will never forget it. Over forty years have passed and it still affects me. Whenever I see someone in a similar circumstance the feeling comes back. Pain is real but God is more real, if we allow Him to be.

Bob Dylan once sang that it was ‘lonely walking a lonely road,’ and it is. But you don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to be separated from others who care. Find somewhere to go and find something to do. Be vulnerable, and go to a church dinner or service. Open up for prayer. And above all, go to God’s Word for comfort. Get Help! You are not alone!

The following are some of our articles and scripture lists that may help. God Bless you, God really is there and He really does care.

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And if you do not know Jesus Christ personally read this – The Deal. Jesus is the real difference between total hopelessness and life abundantly. You still need to work it but He is the doorway to God’s possibilities in your life.

God really is there and He really does care

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