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1. Know that God’s Will is to Heal You

Practically everyone recognizes the fact of God’s healing power. Mental acceptance is not enough. We must have personal, active faith in God for our own healing.

It is my sincere belief that Christ’s death on the cross includes all people everywhere and in all generations. The apostle Peter writes of Jesus, “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness, by whose “stripes ye were healed.” (I Peter 2:24).

The prophet Isaiah had known that Christ would be the Savior and healer over seven hundred years before the crucifixion. Said he, “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

Both Isaiah and Peter declare that there is healing in His stripes. Someone recently pointed out to me that in Pilate’s Hall of Judgment the Roman scourger of Jesus inflicted thirty-eight stripes on His back. Also, the medical world says there are thirty-eight major diseases. If this is true, then for every disease there is a healing stripe on the flesh of Jesus’ back.

We must have personal, active faith in God for our own healing.
The apostle Matthew tells the story of Jesus as the Great Physician and at the end of the day’s labor of deliverance he says that Jesus’ healing power is a fulfillment of scripture. Matthew writes, “… they brought unto Him many that were possessed with devils; and He cast out the spirits with His word, and healed all that were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esias the prophet saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses” (Matthew 8:16, 17 is referring to Isaiah 53:4).

2. Remember that Healing Begins Within

You reach God and He reaches you through your soul. When God breathed the breath of life into man he became a living soul. Jesus declares that: “God is a spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:14).

Why is a man dominated by fear? Because he is not using his faith. Why is he not using his faith? Because he is out of tune and harmony with his God. There is only one thing that can separate a man from God, “… your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2).

Man’s most severe struggle is within himself for be is condemned by his own sins. As long as this is true, faith will not work. “If our heart condemn us not, then we have confidence (faith) toward God” (I John 8:21).

I imagine this question presents itself, “Does a Person have faith whether he is right with God or not?” The answer is, “Yes, he does.” Everybody has faith for God gives a measure of faith to every man. The difference is that faith will not work as long as there is sin in the person’s life.

Sin is a dominating thing and it produces a division in the soul. Faith lies dormant and inactive (James 2:17). Without the power of active faith the soul is no match for the grueling grind of life. The body and mind, keenly responsible to the soul, feel the impact of the soul’s fears and weaknesses and are easy prey for mental and physical ills.

It adds up to this; You cannot serve the devil with your life without losing out in the battle of life.

“Ye must be born again,” says Jesus (John 3:3). The now birth is a transforming spiritual experience (2 Corinthians 5:17). Condemnation is lifted. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit” (Romans 8.1).

3. Use a Point of Contact for the Release of Your Faith.

God is the only healer. Doctors perform a good work but they only assist nature while God can actually bring deliverance. The authority of Satan’s oppression over human life is in God and in His children. But God is a spirit and sometimes we are confused because He is not directly before us in a human body. He does not come into your room as your family physician with medical potions and instruments, you cannot see Him with the human eye, nor can you take a trip to heaven and present your case as you would go to your doctor’s office. How then can we reach Him? By establishing a point of contact.

Faith is the meeting ground between your limited self and your limitless God. A point of contact is given as a means of steadying and helping you to release your faith. Establishing a point of contact is like stepping on the starter of your car – you expect something to happen. The Roman centurion said. “I am not worthy for you to come under my roof, but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed.” Speak the word! He went on to say, “For I (also) am a man under authority, having soldiers under me, and I say to this man, go, and he goes; and to another, come, and he comes; and to my servant, Do this and he does it.” (Matthew 8:5- 13).

Remember that the woman with the issue of blood used a point of contact, which helped her set the time for healing. She said, “If I may touch but His clothes I shall be whole.”

Faith is the meeting ground between your limited self and your limitless God.
There was no healing in His clothes, but touching the clothes helped her release her faith and her faith made her whole. That is why God gives us a point of contact. The book of Acts tells how that handkerchiefs or aprons were sent from the body of the apostle Paul to the sick and demon-possessed and how that through these little faith-cloths deliverance was wrought.

These cloths became points of contact and when placed upon the body of the sick and afflicted, the captives turned their faith loose and were set free. I, too, have been impressed and directed of the Lord to carry on the ministry of healing through cloths so that we are sending out over 10,000 a month.

4. Turn your faith loose Now!

So many times I have seen the need of saying, “Believe now and you may have deliverance.” On the other hand, many captives, when asked when they expect to get healed, will reply, “Oh, when God gets ready, I am.” God has been ready all the time. It’s your move next. Others reply, “I’m expecting God to heal me anytime.” On the face of that statement is a certain amount of reasonable value, but I remind you that it in not scriptural. There is a definite time when faith works and unless you set a time, it in doubtful if you will ever be delivered. God says, “Today is the day of salvation” (deliverance).

When you expect healing at no certain time, you are putting it into the dim, vague and distant future. God wants to heal you now. The best time is when God is ready; He is ready now!

The woman with the issue of blood set a time: when she touched His garment. The centurion set a time for deliverance; when Jesus spoke the word. The ruler of the synagogue set a time: Come and Lay hands on my child. They expected deliverance at the moment the Lord did what they asked Him to do. God will respond and work in our behalf when we believe and set a time.

If faith has risen in your heart, turn it loose, don’t even finish reading this, Believe God now!
This is a glorious privilege and matchless opportunity. “This very hour” is what the Lord is saying. The longer you wait to believe, the weaker your faith will grow; the more quickly you believe, the stronger your faith will develop. Strike a blow for deliverance this very minute. If faith has risen in your heart, turn it loose, don’t even finish reading this, Believe God now! The time for deliverance is when you can believe. The secret of deliverance is in instant obedience.

5. Close the case for victory.

When Bible conditions have been met and you feel the power of healing surging through your body in answer to the faith prayer, then close the case: take up the old road you have been traveling and believe God every step of the way. Burn every bridge between you and the old affliction. Don’t talk about the affliction except when God especially impresses you to give your testimony, then dwell more on His mighty power of deliverance than on what the devil afflicted you with and how you suffered. Change your outlook and live on the sunny side of life.

6. Join yourself to companions of faith.

I know how important it is to have encouragement and an atmosphere of faith to live in after being healed.

A few days after I had been healed I was feeling extremely weak in my body. My mother, a devout woman of faith, sensed my discouragement and said, “Son, you were sick a long time and you were bedfast when God healed you. You will have to exercise and do some work to get your strength back.” She saved my healing.

I have often wondered what would have happened to me had not my mother and father provided an atmosphere of faith for me during those early stressful days of my healing.

I have asked myself this question: What if I had been a member of a church whose minister and people were unfriendly toward healing and to people who had been healed? What would I have done in a moment of weakness and despondency if these people failed to encourage me or if they ridiculed me? How can I who have been healed by a miracle receive help from a church that denies the possibility and reality of the miracle of healing wrought in me by faith in God? How would I feel if the minister ridiculed the people who had prayed the “prayer of faith” for my healing.”

There is only one answer to this problem: those receiving deliverance by faith in God should by all means, join themselves with the church that believes in Bible deliverance and that will provide for them an abundance of faith and hope.

THE VOICE OF HEALING Dec 1950, Page 12


  1. Hi Anthony,
    I prayed for my daughter, Emily to receive healing for her PCOS. I thank God for his love and sovereignty. In the name of Jesus, I asked for new ovaries, correct levels of androgen to enables her regular menstruation.
    Claiming the promise in Isa 53:5 – … by his stripes she is healed.
    This is my first time praying for healing and for my daughter today.
    Please let me know what i should do next. Please also pray for her. God bless.

  2. Praise the LORD! Thank You Jesus!
    I was reading brother Oral Robert’s – “How to Receive Healing”
    He stated “Now is the time of Salvation ”
    He also said” Use a point of contact for the release of your faith.”
    I used “Now” as my point of contact.
    As I did all the excruciating pain in my bone disappeared – gone!!!
    I was having headache – whatever it was – gone!
    Hallelujah! Glory to God!!! I am healed!!
    Thank you so much FAITH MECHANIC!
    This website is a TREASURE!
    May the LORD continue to bless you and all that you do.

    1. Great to hear Abi.Make sure to read Within Heaven’s Gates by Rebecca Springer (Intro Muros) that Rex has archived on this site.I have given this autobiography out to hundreds of parents who have lost children.They are having stunning encounters with Jesus.Just last week I received a letter from a police officer who was in the news in which I gave a copy.On the second page of his letter he describes having a encounter with God about half way through the book.It was a such a great confirmation for both of us.

  3. Thank you for healing so many.
    I am in need of healing. I have a blood plasma disorder and I go into panic attacks. Please pray for my healing.

    Thanks in advance and God Bless you all.
    Laurie G Krefft

    1. Laurie, I have just prayed into your body.You are Jesus’s purchased possession and he loves and adores you.Go onto right away and listen to “A Better Way To Pray” and “As I Have Loved You” series under the “Audio Teachings” tab.Bury yourself in these today.Your panic attacks will be gone and your healing will start manifesting through your body.Email me anytime at

      1. Read “Within Heaven’s Gates” by Rebecca Ruth Springer.Rex has it archived on this website for free.In my opinion it is the best autobiography ever written of someone who went to heaven and then came back to tell about it.I have been giving it out to parents who have lost children and people who have been attacked with suicidal thoughts.Jesus has touched them deeply with it.I had two people during this past Christmas season that I emailed it to and they were delivered from depression and suicide.It was awesome.

  4. You, Anthony, are a jewel and I love Andrew Wommack! Why, oh why are there so few Christians that believe the entire Word of God?

    1. Thank you Lana.So kind of you.If you haven’t read Within Heaven’s Gates by Rebecca Springer yet I recommend it highly.I have been getting so many testimonies lately by giving people that book.Just a short while back the Father brought across my path a young mother who lost her daughter at birth.She was suicidal and could not get out of bed.I immediately told her that her daughter didn’t cease to exist and that she was in heaven with Jesus waiting for her.I then gave her a copy of that book.She snapped out of that depression so fast it was alarming.People who lose children are not consious of the fact that their child is actually alive and in heaven with Jesus.When they hear this along with that book and Andrew’s messages it changes everything for them very quickly.I sent a copy to a man yesterday who lost his son to a fentanyl overdose.It truly is one of the greatest tools the Father has given us.I can send you a digital copy if you don’t have one.

    2. I am Healed!! I believed for my healing of PCOS on 10/16 @10:33pm! I stopped right when the article said to stop reading and believe by faith and I cried out and declared that I am HEALED THIS VERY HOUR!! I Sent an email to myself to note my healing as I will use it as a reference when I give this testimony before the nations!!!!

      Thank you Father for your Word and your faithfulness!!

      Shantel Young ▪︎ Sis Shantel DOTMHGOI

      1. So happy for you Shantel.If you haven’t already, now is a perfect time to listen to Andrew Wommack’s “You’ve Already Got It” series on under “Audio Teachings”.Praise Jesus.

  5. Thank you so much sir what do u mean by point of contact in releasing my faith I want this healing seriously and the lord to use me as vessel too

    1. Healing is not about “Your Faith”.Healing is your “Inheritance” in Jesus.It was given to you when you received Jesus and He took up residence “In You”.Romans 8:11

      Look up Andrew Wommack’s “You’ve Already Got It” on YouTube.

      Do you ever notice why healing and finances are such a major struggle with people? It is because they are not consious of the fact that these are NOT future promises.They are right now realities because you are in Jesus and He is in you.That is the essence of the New Covenant.Jesus “In You” the hope of Glory.You have full favor with the Father in your health and finances because He “Placed” you in Jesus’s Covenant.

  6. Thanks for such encouraging words, if you would remember me when you pray, I have severe arthritis had to have neck and back surgery because of it I’m in pain most of the time. I’ve had so much going on lately I admit my faith isn’t what it should be.

    1. You are very welcome Aggie.Here is how to make that pain go away.Spend alot of time in the morning and throughout the day in good worship music.Go onto Youtube and look up Bethel Music.This needs to be a daily lifestyle.I start every morning in worship and it makes a huge difference in your physical health.Second if you have any hidden bitterness towards anyone, forgive them now.Bitterness wreches havoc on the human body.Third, read Jesus’s words in John 14 before you go to sleep.Doing these things is prayer.

  7. Good day Brother Anthony. Thank you for your words of encouragement. May God continue to bless and use you. For the few days I have been following the comments here, I have been blessed by your comments.

    1. Great to hear.Happy for you.The Father lives in you and makes you whole by His Spirit that lives in you.(Romans 8:11)This is the highest level of divine health that Jesus gave us.

      Make sure to read the book “Intra Muros”(Within Heaven’s Gates) that Rex has archived on the website.

      I have a stunning testimony regarding this.I will post it below.This happened a few months ago.Read it slowly so you can see what God did.

      “Three weeks ago the Father lead me to purchase a few hard copies of Intra Muros.I usually just give people a digital copy, however this time was different.I received them from Amazon and put them in my car.A few days later as I was in my home office the Father spoke.”Go to the Dollar Store” before you go to WinCo.It was very specific.As I pulled into the Dollar Store parking lot a woman in a dark van was just sitting there,parked fiddling with her cell phone.I went in and bought my items and right as I was coming out she came out of her van looking distraught.I commented on her Jesus bumper sticker and we started talking.She told me her mother had just passed away.The Father then spoke again, “Give her the book!”.I told her I had a special gift for her.As I gave her the book she said “Oh my God” this is what my friend told me about.She then showed me a text message on her phone from a few weeks earlier encouraging her to buy a copy of “Within Heaven’s Gates”.She started to cry as we experienced this miracle together.A few hours later she texted me this.”

      “Oh my! God is so good ❤️❤️❤️ he knows I like hard copies of books and needed encouragement about Mom’s death. I’ve been feeling sad that we didn’t do the right thing.
      I am truly honored!!!! I am so thank for your obedience ?”

      “I was also prompted to go to the Dollar Store and really didn’t have a good reason too and then sat in the parking lot on the phone and I believe waiting for you to get there. So interesting how God works!”

    1. Great to hear.Go to and click on audio teachings.Look around at all the different teaching series and the Father will speak to you on which ones to listen to.It will be very personal for your relationship with him.


  8. I believe that i am healed of hep b, that I was exposed to as a health worker. I receive my healing in Jesus name. Amen

  9. Please I need guidance on this healing aspect of God. I believe He heals and have faith that He does heal. But what if the person I’m praying for doesn’t get healed?

    1. David,

      Give me a call when you have time.
      208-938-9709.Alot of it comes down to what you are speaking and what you are doing when you are ministering to someone.Call me and I will go over everything with you and share some testimonies so you can see how healing flows.


    2. Two important keys.

      1.)Using Jesus’s name correctly.
      2.)Being patient.

      When you have someone in front of you who needs healing your words are very important.You command in Jesus’s name.For example, the video that I shared.When he needed healing that day, I said “Be healed and whole in Jesus’s name”. That’s it.

      The Father takes your words that are spoken in Jesus’s name and brings them to pass.After I gave that command, he and his wife walked away.I didn’t see him for another week or two.The Father manifested his healing during that time.

      When you pray for someone at a distance it is the same thing.The Father takes your words spoken in Jesus’s name and brings them to pass.I will post a testimony on this as well.

      Over time, if a person does not manifest the healing it is not God’s fault.Most of the time that person goes right back into their sinful lifestyle and causes themselves problems.That is why after I command someone to be whole in Jesus’s name I always give them Andrew Wommack’s website ( so they can listen to teachings and get their mind renewed.This is the best way to help them.

    3. Long distance healing story.

      This testimony was at a Mormon hospital in Utah a while back.11pm at night urgent call over the phone.

      “I think it is time for Harry to have a phone conversation with Anthony. I still remember the look on the faces of the doctors in Salt Lake when they walked in the room while I was holding the phone receiver over Harry’s heart. I told them they would have to wait a few minutes while a friend spoke to Harry’s heart. We all stood there and watched the heart monitor as Harry’s heart rate returned to normal (from 180 to 82). Harry’s heart rate has been normal ever since Anthony prayed for him, and he declined to take the medication for Afib which a Boise heart specialist wanted him to take.”

  10. These articles are a blessing for all those reading them. Let God bless the author of this website. All the articles here have increased the faith in my heart. Thank you, God!

  11. Hi, can you help me understand how I effectively pray for healing for my 13 year old daughter. She was in a skiing accident and we were just told she has a torn acl and needs surgery and will be recovering for a year. she is an athlete and very active. as you can imagine, this is not the news we were believing for. I have stood on Mark 11:23,24 spoken healing, laid hands on her and commanded no torn ligaments or broken bones and then this news. She is born again but the word concerning healing is a newer concept to her. We are waiting for insurance approval for an MRI and based on the Dr., then surgery. I believe we already have healing as the word says. So, I’m struggling to understand where I am missing it. I also am confused on how she was in this accident in the first place when I covered her with the blood etc. Any insight you can offer is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Corrin,

      You have not missed anything, you commanded her to be healed in Jesus’s name.
      I’m joining you right now myself.The next step is to just rest (Hebrews 4) and rejoice.Put on some Bethel Music songs from YouTube and rest in the power of our Jesus.I have spent 8 years in hospitals ministering to people and this is the most important step that most people miss, resting after they have acted on the word.You can email me anytime at

      Jesus meets all your needs.


    1. Nadia,

      Here is the truth and it is good news.There is no such thing as “Faith For Healing”.
      There is nothing in the word of God that instructs us to have faith for healing.Our faith (Trust) is in Jesus and his words.It is that simple and it will set you free.Having faith in things other than Jesus is humanism, not Christianity.Your trust is in Jesus, period.

      Because your trust is in Jesus personally, everything he has is yours.It is your inheritance in him.Jesus is healing.Read Romans 8:11.He is in you and heals you by his Spirit that lives in you.

      Go to and click on audio teachings.Look for a series called “You’ve Already Got It”.
      It will help you tremendously.


  12. Mark,

    Speaking into your body now.I have spent 8 years in hospitals Mark and I can tell you that if you were to make the decision to trust Jesus only, your healing will manifest faster.Between our prayers and your obiediance to Jesus only, it is done.Spend every waking minute watching the “Healing Testimonies” on under the “Video” tab.We get reports all the time of people being healed just by relaxing and watching the testimonies.You don’t have to strive for healing, it has already been provided and as you keep your mind on Jesus and these testimonies it will manifest.Email me anytime,

  13. Hello, I just need some help connecting with my healing from severe dental issues.

    1. SP,

      You already have all the healing you need.Jesus already paid for it and he took up residence inside of you,literally.We do multiple things to release his healing into our bodies.Worship and listening to good worship music does this really well.He inhabits our praises and it releases his Spirit into our flesh.Also another is listening to the word.It brings life to your body and healing to your bones (Proverbs).Go onto and listen to the series “You’ve Already Got It”.This will help you a lot.

      Also, read Jesus’s words in John 15 and 16 before you go to sleep.I had a friend do this once and she woke up feeling the best she had felt in months and her hip was also healed!
      Jesus’s words are Spirit and Life.

      1. Tony, Thank you, you are very kind. When you have heard the word “no” so many times, it can be difficult to accept/believe that something like this (i.e. healing) is actually possible.

        1. You are very welcome.The key is understanding who you are.You are a child of God and a joint heir with Jesus.He purchased you and everything he has is yours.

          Ps.Spend every waking minute in those teachings on
          and read “Intro Muros” that Rex has archived on this site.You will grow rapidly.

          1. Anthony, thank you again. I am reading Intro Muros now, which is wonderfully comforting. I can only read a few pages at a time because a) I want to savor it and b) it is so overwhelming that I end up in tears. Good tears, hopeful tears.

            1. Thought you would like this testimony SP.I know how much “Intro Muros” has affected you, so wonderful.The Father brought back to my remembrance a news video with Geraldo Rivera (Fox News Anchor) a few months ago regarding his daughter.I immediately knew what the Father wanted me to do.He led me through a few searches on Google and I found Geraldo’s email address.I emailed him a copy of “Intro Muros” and he happily responded personally with a huge thank you.Our Father is working mightly through that book to reach people’s hearts.

            2. Anthony,

              Just wanted to let you know that I have been following a new group called Healing Journeys Today. It is a site lead by Butch and Juliann Hartman and is such a blessing. They are associated with Andrew Wommack ministries (which you turned me onto originally….thank you!).


              Thought others seeking healing may wish to watch. The testimonies and weekly teaching are amazing!


            3. Hi SP,

              Great to hear.Butch and Julianne are awesome people.Her healing testimony is so good.They are great ambassadors in getting Andrew’s teachings out to people.Email me directly anytime.


            4. Tony, I was just sitting here thanking our Father for everything He has done for me, this after listening to Andrew Wommack’s message called Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith. I then started to reminisce about what life was like before I understood these foundational truths. This led me to recall my posting here in 2019 seeking assistance and guidance for healing. You introduced me to Andrew Wommack and his teachings, which have changed my life. Andrew is one of the few teachers who rightly divides the Word. In fact, Andrew and Barry Bennett are my favorite teachers now. Anyway, this is a note of sincere thanks to you for your dedication and for introducing me to these teachings. Blessings!

            5. Wonderful to hear SP.So happy for you.Yes, Andrew is the best.You will be happy to know that since your message in 2019 I have literally gotten Andrew’s teachings and copies of Intra Muros (Within Heaven’s Gates) out to hundreds and hundreds of people.During Christmas week the Father brought two depressed/suicidal people across my path that were really hurting.I gave them a digital copy of Intra Muros and they were both delivered.Praise Jesus and thanks to Rex for archiving that autobiography.Email me anytime SP.

      2. Wow! Thank you so much for this. After reading your words I even felt a surge of faith.

        I’ve been believing God for divine healing myself.

        1. Great to hear Simon.Divine healing is your inheritance in Jesus.When he took up residence inside of you, everything HE is came with it.Listen to “You’ve Already Got It” under audio teachings on

  14. Just want to say thank you. I am blessed. I have learnt a lot. Please pray for me. I desire to be steadfast in the Lord.

  15. Please pray for my healing of my both feet, I want to be pain free. I have thse tingling, numbness of my toeas and burning sensation. I want to be restored . Thanks

    1. Praying into you Maria.Also, got two things for you to do today.
      Go onto YouTube and search for “I Am Who You Say I Am- Bethel Church.”
      Spend time in this worship song today.And next, study Jesus’s words in John 14,15,16.
      His words literally produce life into your body.


      1. I just had a talk with my aunt and she was telling me the importance of praise in Christian life. She said use music, it does something for the spirit. I decided to check my mail first and see your reply and suggestion for “I am who You say I am”. I click and have played it several times tonight. It lifted me so so well. Thank you for suggesting this song. I’ve always liked Hillsong and their performance on this was superb. Thank you bruh! God bless, cover and favor you!

        1. That was a specific word of knowledge for you from the Father.He knew it all ahead of time.
          So happy for you.

          Ps.When you have time go to and click on audio teachings under “Listen”.
          You will see a series called “Effects of Praise”.You will learn what is actually happening in the Spirit when you worship.It is a masterpiece.

  16. Hello,
    Please pray for me. I have WKS. Been in recovery a while. I recently went back to Jesus and it has been comforting. WKS however is a brain thing so I can’t control my thoughts as much as I would like to. Depression hits hard and paranoia likes to play in my head. I want my mind to heal so I am consistent. I would also like a friend strong in their faith. I’ve become a loner these last months so the loneliness hits me hard sometimes. Kindly pray with and for me. Thank you and God bless you!

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      I have some great truths and gifts for you.The love of God for you heals depression quickly.
      Depression is caused by wrong thinking.When you learn how much the Father loves you and how much He has provided for you, depression will disappear.I’m going to give you a few things to do today and you will see results right away.

      1.)Go to and click on “Audio Teachings” under the “Listen” tab.You will see a series called “As I Have Loved You” and “True Nature of God”.Listen to these today.

      2.)On this website Rex has a book called “Intro Muros”.Start reading it today.When you see how real our heavenly home is you will feel wonderful and loved by God.

      “Grace and Peace are multiplied to you by the Knowledge of God”- 2 Peter 1

      Notice this scripture says by the “knowledge” of God, not prayer.

      Dive into these things today and you will be healed and have some great encounters with the Father.

      1. Anthony,

        Thank you so much for the tips there. I am listening now to the audio. It’s really good! I’m enjoying it and after listening to some great music, it is sinking in even better. Thank you for this resource. Today/tonight is a great night!I’m really glad the spirit led me to check out the replies on this site. I had forgotten even being on it. Then today not one, but two blessings! Thank God!!!! And thank you.

  17. My two daughters are diagnosed with problem in their kidneys. Please pray for a supernatural miracle by Lord jesus.

  18. Pray for my miracle today in Jesus… Creative miracles I’m my body… Healong in soul, mind and body… Healed brain function and nervous system symptoms… Praise be to the Lord!!!!

  19. Please pray for healing of my sciatic nerve pain in my back legs and feet. Also pray for my shoulder and neck. I cannot bathe myself and can hardly walk. Is there hope for me. Please give me hope. Thank you.

    1. Praying into your body Philip.
      There are some things I want you to do today that are very important.Go to
      and watch all the healing testimony videos under “Video”.Then click on “Audio Teachings” under “Audio”.Listen to “A Better Way To Pray” series.It is really important.

    2. Prayers for you my brother…… I know what that kind of pain is like… I pray God heals your spine and nerve and whatever is pinching your nerve… God bless you

    3. Pray for my miracle today in Jesus… Creative miracles I’m my body… Healong in soul, mind and body… Healed brain function and nervous system symptoms… Praise be to the Lord!!!!

  20. Your Comment *in Jesus name my family and I are healed from HIV. I believe we take our healing now. thank you lord.

    1. Amen.Healing is your inheritance in Jesus.You don’t have to take it, it was given to you when you received Jesus.It is already yours.Now you rest (Hebrews 4) and dream about your future with the Father.He has great plans for your lives and he lives in you.Read Romans 8:11 and go to and watch some healing testimonies.

      1. I just love you Tony! Thank you for always sharing the truth and the good news of Christ! I will now myself go read Hebrews 4. Have a beautiful day in your Father’s house! I am who you say I am and oh what a beautiful Name It is the name of Jesus!!! has been my garment of praise this morning.

  21. Good morning.I just prayed into your son.Nothing to fear!
    He is whole in Jesus’ name.

    “Your son lives, Jesus replied”- John 4:50


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