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1. Know that God’s Will is to Heal You

Practically everyone recognizes the fact of God’s healing power. Mental acceptance is not enough. We must have personal, active faith in God for our own healing.

It is my sincere belief that Christ’s death on the cross includes all people everywhere and in all generations. The apostle Peter writes of Jesus, “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness, by whose “stripes ye were healed.” (I Peter 2:24).

The prophet Isaiah had known that Christ would be the Savior and healer over seven hundred years before the crucifixion. Said he, “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

Both Isaiah and Peter declare that there is healing in His stripes. Someone recently pointed out to me that in Pilate’s Hall of Judgment the Roman scourger of Jesus inflicted thirty-eight stripes on His back. Also, the medical world says there are thirty-eight major diseases. If this is true, then for every disease there is a healing stripe on the flesh of Jesus’ back.

We must have personal, active faith in God for our own healing.
The apostle Matthew tells the story of Jesus as the Great Physician and at the end of the day’s labor of deliverance he says that Jesus’ healing power is a fulfillment of scripture. Matthew writes, “… they brought unto Him many that were possessed with devils; and He cast out the spirits with His word, and healed all that were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esias the prophet saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses” (Matthew 8:16, 17 is referring to Isaiah 53:4).

2. Remember that Healing Begins Within

You reach God and He reaches you through your soul. When God breathed the breath of life into man he became a living soul. Jesus declares that: “God is a spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:14).

Why is a man dominated by fear? Because he is not using his faith. Why is he not using his faith? Because he is out of tune and harmony with his God. There is only one thing that can separate a man from God, “… your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2).

Man’s most severe struggle is within himself for be is condemned by his own sins. As long as this is true, faith will not work. “If our heart condemn us not, then we have confidence (faith) toward God” (I John 8:21).

I imagine this question presents itself, “Does a Person have faith whether he is right with God or not?” The answer is, “Yes, he does.” Everybody has faith for God gives a measure of faith to every man. The difference is that faith will not work as long as there is sin in the person’s life.

Sin is a dominating thing and it produces a division in the soul. Faith lies dormant and inactive (James 2:17). Without the power of active faith the soul is no match for the grueling grind of life. The body and mind, keenly responsible to the soul, feel the impact of the soul’s fears and weaknesses and are easy prey for mental and physical ills.

It adds up to this; You cannot serve the devil with your life without losing out in the battle of life.

“Ye must be born again,” says Jesus (John 3:3). The now birth is a transforming spiritual experience (2 Corinthians 5:17). Condemnation is lifted. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit” (Romans 8.1).

3. Use a Point of Contact for the Release of Your Faith.

God is the only healer. Doctors perform a good work but they only assist nature while God can actually bring deliverance. The authority of Satan’s oppression over human life is in God and in His children. But God is a spirit and sometimes we are confused because He is not directly before us in a human body. He does not come into your room as your family physician with medical potions and instruments, you cannot see Him with the human eye, nor can you take a trip to heaven and present your case as you would go to your doctor’s office. How then can we reach Him? By establishing a point of contact.

Faith is the meeting ground between your limited self and your limitless God. A point of contact is given as a means of steadying and helping you to release your faith. Establishing a point of contact is like stepping on the starter of your car – you expect something to happen. The Roman centurion said. “I am not worthy for you to come under my roof, but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed.” Speak the word! He went on to say, “For I (also) am a man under authority, having soldiers under me, and I say to this man, go, and he goes; and to another, come, and he comes; and to my servant, Do this and he does it.” (Matthew 8:5- 13).

Remember that the woman with the issue of blood used a point of contact, which helped her set the time for healing. She said, “If I may touch but His clothes I shall be whole.”

Faith is the meeting ground between your limited self and your limitless God.
There was no healing in His clothes, but touching the clothes helped her release her faith and her faith made her whole. That is why God gives us a point of contact. The book of Acts tells how that handkerchiefs or aprons were sent from the body of the apostle Paul to the sick and demon-possessed and how that through these little faith-cloths deliverance was wrought.

These cloths became points of contact and when placed upon the body of the sick and afflicted, the captives turned their faith loose and were set free. I, too, have been impressed and directed of the Lord to carry on the ministry of healing through cloths so that we are sending out over 10,000 a month.

4. Turn your faith loose Now!

So many times I have seen the need of saying, “Believe now and you may have deliverance.” On the other hand, many captives, when asked when they expect to get healed, will reply, “Oh, when God gets ready, I am.” God has been ready all the time. It’s your move next. Others reply, “I’m expecting God to heal me anytime.” On the face of that statement is a certain amount of reasonable value, but I remind you that it in not scriptural. There is a definite time when faith works and unless you set a time, it in doubtful if you will ever be delivered. God says, “Today is the day of salvation” (deliverance).

When you expect healing at no certain time, you are putting it into the dim, vague and distant future. God wants to heal you now. The best time is when God is ready; He is ready now!

The woman with the issue of blood set a time: when she touched His garment. The centurion set a time for deliverance; when Jesus spoke the word. The ruler of the synagogue set a time: Come and Lay hands on my child. They expected deliverance at the moment the Lord did what they asked Him to do. God will respond and work in our behalf when we believe and set a time.

If faith has risen in your heart, turn it loose, don’t even finish reading this, Believe God now!
This is a glorious privilege and matchless opportunity. “This very hour” is what the Lord is saying. The longer you wait to believe, the weaker your faith will grow; the more quickly you believe, the stronger your faith will develop. Strike a blow for deliverance this very minute. If faith has risen in your heart, turn it loose, don’t even finish reading this, Believe God now! The time for deliverance is when you can believe. The secret of deliverance is in instant obedience.

5. Close the case for victory.

When Bible conditions have been met and you feel the power of healing surging through your body in answer to the faith prayer, then close the case: take up the old road you have been traveling and believe God every step of the way. Burn every bridge between you and the old affliction. Don’t talk about the affliction except when God especially impresses you to give your testimony, then dwell more on His mighty power of deliverance than on what the devil afflicted you with and how you suffered. Change your outlook and live on the sunny side of life.

6. Join yourself to companions of faith.

I know how important it is to have encouragement and an atmosphere of faith to live in after being healed.

A few days after I had been healed I was feeling extremely weak in my body. My mother, a devout woman of faith, sensed my discouragement and said, “Son, you were sick a long time and you were bedfast when God healed you. You will have to exercise and do some work to get your strength back.” She saved my healing.

I have often wondered what would have happened to me had not my mother and father provided an atmosphere of faith for me during those early stressful days of my healing.

I have asked myself this question: What if I had been a member of a church whose minister and people were unfriendly toward healing and to people who had been healed? What would I have done in a moment of weakness and despondency if these people failed to encourage me or if they ridiculed me? How can I who have been healed by a miracle receive help from a church that denies the possibility and reality of the miracle of healing wrought in me by faith in God? How would I feel if the minister ridiculed the people who had prayed the “prayer of faith” for my healing.”

There is only one answer to this problem: those receiving deliverance by faith in God should by all means, join themselves with the church that believes in Bible deliverance and that will provide for them an abundance of faith and hope.

THE VOICE OF HEALING Dec 1950, Page 12


  1. This is awesome! I am persuaded my testimony is added to these lots. Thank you Jesus Christ our great physician. More grace I pray for you Anthony, Oral Robert’s ministry and all.

  2. Please pray for my Son Martin to recover from depression, fear and anxiety.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Just received your post.Depression is just the result of not knowing how much you are loved by God.The second anyone understands how much they are loved and what the Father has already provided for them, fear and depression leave.Rex has a book archived on this website from Rebecca Ruth Springer called “Intra Muros”.It is the most graphic and touching autobiography written by someone who went to heaven.It removes fear.Have your son read it and the Father will speak to him through it.

      Also, go to
      and look for “You’ve Already Got It” under “Audio Teachings”.
      This series will impact you both greatly.



        1. Thanks sister.I have a ton of new testimonies for you.Outrageous ones.
          Send me a email and I will forward some to you.

          This one just came in a few weeks ago.I gave Jon a Andrew Wommack cd in a prayer line over 7 years ago.Look what Jesus did in his life.Holy cow.


        2. This just came in today from a close friend.This man was in a mormon hospital in Utah when I got the phone call.Look what our King Jesus did.??

          “I think it is time for him to have a phone conversation with Anthony. I still remember the look on the faces of the doctors in Salt Lake when they walked in the room while I was holding the phone receiver over Harry’s heart. I told them they would have to wait a few minutes while a friend spoke to Harry’s heart. We all stood there an watched the heart monitor as Harry’s heart rate returned to normal (from 180 to 82). Harry’s heart rate has been normal ever since Anthony prayed for him, and he declined to take the medication for Afib which a Boise heart specialist wanted him to take. “

          1. Anthony that is truly amazing thank you so much for sharing. I needed that today. I want to hear more but the only email address I have is my work and I wouldn’t want to put that on a public forum. I would love for you to pray for me.

  3. Please heal my entire body. Please restore my health to october 2016. Every organ cell bone nerve artery tendon as well as skin and hair and every component needs ro be restored.

      1. Hi Pam, I have no idea what you are facing right now, but I do understand your despair from a standpoint of reaching the thought you currently have. I use to ask God the same. And sometimes when I am in tremendous pain or discouraged I will have a fleeting thought of wanting to leave this life. But that way of thinking is wrong. Please repent and ask God to show how to receive healing, how to build your faith so it will rise up in you, to lead you and place people in your life that can help you. Read His healing scriptures soak in them for 30 or minutes or so and don’t do them mechanically you may at first but ask God how to come truly into His presence as though you were your physically present with Him. Look inwardly not outwardly because that is where He is in your spirit in your heart. Speak inwardly. Don’t try to make His word “work” for you. Just allow His word to work. Fill yourself with His word and know that it is working. Don’t have a set way of healing just know He will lead you to it and celebrate the milestones and ask Him to show you how to keep the milestone and build upon until your reach your full healing. And speak to your body in Jesus’ name, just be the voice of the Holy Spirit. Fight.

        1. Kristy

          Thank you. I do not know how my phone landed on your comment to me…..miraculously. Thank you. Pam

  4. Please help me pray my prayer, it is a little different than the healing prayers. I am praying that the Lord will take me home to heaven now. If we pray together He may bless me with this treasure of a prayer. And if there r any others who want to go home to the Lord now we will pray for them too. God bless you, may His gracious LOVE touch all.?✨

  5. Hi Anthony.
    I have been studying your teachings on healings and I must confess….. I have been healed as I prayed along with you. I had some unusual symptoms and my wife complained about such too, so today I prayed and read some of oral Roberts teaching on healing and as am telling you now, by faith….no symptoms and no signs of such again. We are completely healed. Thanks for your enlightenment. God bless you.

    1. Great to hear Chuks.Very happy for you.

      Make sure to go to

      and keep listening to the teachings under “Audio”.

      These will keep both your minds renewed and the Father will speak to you personally through them.



    2. PRAISE THE LORD for this amazing testimony. Thank you so very much for sharing!!! Praise God Praise God the Father!!! Hallelujah! How wonderful!!!

  6. Hi Aldith,

    I have some good news for you.You don’t need a prayer cloth.All you need to know is the power of Jesus’s words and the reality of Romans 8:11.

    When we receive him, he literally comes to live inside of us.When we understand this
    and meditate in his words in John 14,15,16, his life and healing is released into our bodies!
    Your point of contact is that Jesus lives in you.That is the best point of contact anyone could have.

    I just had a woman contact me a few weeks ago who needed healing.I told her to read Jesus’s words in John 14,15,16 before she went to bed.She told me 2 days later that she had the most peaceful sleep in a very long time and that her hip was healed.

    “My words are Spirit and they are Life!” – Jesus

    I have prayed into your husband’s body.He will be fine.

    Ps.I also just received last week a message from a mother of a boy who had cancer.They had to rush him to the hospital and he was on life support.I got the urgent prayer request early in the morning and starting speaking life and wholeness into that boy in Jesus’s name.
    A few days later I received this message from his mother, “They have taken him off life support and there is no leukemia in his spine! Exactly what the doctor said would not happen.” I can email you the full message if you would like to see it.You can also see some wonderful healing testimonies at

    Have a great day.


  7. The portion on The Voice of Healing, 1950, pg 12 was very inspiring, uplifting and i gained much knowledge from the material presented. It was so easy to read and understand. How can I be apart of this healing ministry and also receive a healing cloth-as point of contact?

    It was reported that my husband has an enlarged heart. God can heal, and he has healed.

    Thank you for making this material public.

  8. Please, I wish that you send to me one of your books on healing.

  9. Hi I’m Kindy

    Im asking for your healing prayer , may it help my mom so her creatinine level will be normalize. I believe in Jesus that he will heal my mom. kindly please help me to pray for her. her name is Alice ibanez

    thank you so much

    1. Hi Kindy,

      Speaking into your mom’s body now.

      Why don’t you join me? Here is how you do it.

      “In Jesus’ name be healed and whole”. Speak this over your mom as I do too.

      “You shall have what you say”-Jesus

      As we speak these commands in Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit then takes those words and manifests them.That is how our Father works.

      If you and your mom have not yet received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
      just pray this and you will receive.

      “Jesus, you are my Lord and savior, fill me with your Holy Spirit!”

      It really is that simple.Enjoy.


  10. Hi I’m Kindy

    I wrote here to ask for healing prayer for my mom. her creatinine is high for almost 1 year already. and I am asking for prayers for her creatinine level to be normaliz. i believe that Jesus will heal her.
    Her name is Alice Ibanez

    thank you so much

  11. I have been healed many times and seen others healed but not always.I fell on ice in March and a.month layer I fell on large rocks on shoreline .I hurt my left shoulder severed my rotator cuff. And need surgery but I am praying for healing and b ‘re able to use this arm.again.The pain is great but gets better when I pray but I can’t lift it up. Pray a.miracle. healing in this shoulder thank you

    1. Speaking into your arm Richard.
      Go to Romans 8:11 and meditate in it.
      The Father heals you by his Spirit that dwells in you.
      This is the highest level of divine healing you can live in.


  12. Please pray for me ..I have issues w my nerves and muscles and then a therapy they did on me affected my brain .memory aND cognitive function. I have lost over 80 pounds in the last 8 months and developed weakness w muscle problems . I also for some reason developed a condition in my skin where I stopped sweating and it gets hot and red ..even my eyes have been affected and vision deteriorated . I know and believe God heals. I have been a believer for years but also struggled w personal sin and relational conflicts.I know Christ is the healer . I have been praying to surrender all to him . For a pure heart and healing .please pray for me

    1. Speaking into your body now Mark.Nothing to fear.
      I just had a kid in Oaklahoma healed of leukemia,etc
      last week.His mother texted me a few times with the great reports.Their entire family of 5 received Jesus and were baptized in the Holy Spirit.
      I will give you the same instructions as I pray for you today.

      Go to
      Click on “Healing Testimonies” under “Audio”.
      Watch as many as you can and enjoy them.Then go to “Audio Teachings” under “Audio” and listen to “You’ve Already Got It”.

      Today is a new day for you.


      1. Anthony,

        Can you please pray for me and offer suggestions. I had a prior stroke in June 2011, right carotid artery dissected. Caused stroke. Recovered from stroke. I went back to work as a court reporter until February of 2016. Something happened, I don’t know if I had another stroke or what. But I could not tolerate any slight temperature change and my cognitive ability was immediately affected. Have basically been bedbound and homebound except for dr.’s appts and hospital visits. Have many neurological conditions such as Mark. Skin extremely sensitive, muscle and weight loss (30 lbs.) Am down to 97 lbs. Eyes affected. Looks like I am wasting away. Coordination affected. Can barely leave the house. I used to be outgoing with a good attitude. I have tried praying and am not getting results. Sometimes I can’t walk. Muscle spasms. I think yeast or bacterial infections may or Lyme disease. The list could go on. When it started, I told my doctors I felt like my body was burning up. Clothes hanging. Everyone that knows me is asking me if I am okay. Constant itching. Can’t focus because of all of the issues. My speech is affected. I guess my typing is still okay due to being a court reporter for 30 years.

    2. I have been healed many times and seen others healed.As your faith is let it be unto you.I am praying for healing in myself I fell and severed my rotator cuff o my left shoulder it needs surgery but I’m.praying for God to heal me

  13. Thank you for the comments, I am greatly Bless, I was hit by a car almost 9 years ago, pinned between the two cars and I was left handicap with peneal palsy or drop foot and I know I am healed from pain and believing God for completeness, to be able to walk completely. I really took time to study your scriptures on healing and how to be heal and I am so refresh on the word, even my pet dog, I tell her to tell the Lord Thank you and she hold her head up (Look up) and people think I am crasy. Thank you for your word. God Bless.

  14. I thank God for making me to get pastor Oral Roberts healing message online, thank you Jesus. Please kindly help me to pray for my husband to arise and walk soon in the name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth.. . He had a partial spinal cord injury. GOD has started helping him but kindly pray for HIS perfect total healing in Jesus name sir. Amen.

    1. I have just spoke to your husband’s body.Our Jesus is recovering him.
      If you can, go to and watch some of the healing testimony videos with your husband.You will enjoy them. Tony

  15. Is it ok to heal dogs I have prayed for my dogs and one was healed. White y our. Dog has a I’ncurable disease I prayed and she was healed once. But now this disease lingers thank yoi

    1. Of course.The reason you want your pet well is because you are made in our Father’s image! Disease and sickness are a result of sin in the earth, not God.
      We saw our cat healed a while back.Praise Jesus.

      If you have not read “Intra Muros” in the free book section of this site, you should.
      You will see how the author was reunited with her dog in heaven.It is wonderful.
      I thank Rex for archiving that one.I have sent it to a lot of grieving people.It helps them tremendously and shows them how real heaven is and how much they are loved by our Father.Enjoy. Tony

  16. I have question when he states there has to be a point of contact for healing. What does that mean? The point where you believe you are healed and from then on you wait for the manifestation of the healing?

    There is a book called power of the subconscious mind by joseph murphy which help me to understand faith from a believing standpoint. Not just faith in God but belief that what you are hoping for will come to pass. He describes all power is in the subconscious mind. That the power has no other choice but to do what you tell it to do. That the power is from God but it is within you. I’ve always been taught to ask not demand. And when I read this book it really spoke to me in a different way and I started practicing what it said to do and within 3 days of practicing this I had an immediate release in my left hand of pain and gripping. It was God’s healing oil that moved through my hand and it was instant. Well doing this conflicted me in my spirit and heart because I wasn’t looking at this as Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. It was like a power source that God simply gave me to use. I know this sounds weird but you have to read the book to understand. Understanding this in this way is the only time I have ever truly experienced a real healing touch from the Lord (instantaneous and immediate). Since then since I feel conflicted with approaching it like this now I just read His healing scripture looking for my healing to manifest. I think now I’m more confused than I’ve been but more clear on how the mind and words truly do have an impact on your body, etc…… I’ve not had a true manifestation of my full healing or felt His touch in that way since that very day, which was last August. Just wondering if you have any insight into this. Will you pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to you on this before responding so that you respond in a way that speaks to me where I receive and understand? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kristy,

      Great to hear from you again.
      Here is a very simple answer.
      Everything flows from the “Renewed Mind”.When we received Jesus and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he comes and takes up residence in us,literally.As you study the word your mind becomes renewed by the “Author” of the written word
      and you start to understand things.When you start to understand things, it starts to produce.Read Matthew 13.Jesus talks specifically about “Understanding”.The power source is HIM that lives in you! Your point of contact is just “Acting” on the word.For example, Romans 8:11.By understanding Romans 8:11, you will see that our Father who lives in us heals our mortal body by his Spirit that lives in us.It starts working in your physical body when you comprehend it.Look up Graham Cooke on YouTube.You will love his stuff.

      1. Thank you Anthony I will look him up now. Thank you. So appreciate your responses.

        1. Is there a particular video of his you would recommend? Thank you.

          1. Yes indeed.Look up “Favor as a Lifestyle-Graham Cooke”.It has 2 parts.
            It is outrageously good.Have a great week.


  17. Is there a difference in how to pray for normally fatal incurable diseases and nongatal diseases I was healed of deafness as I touched my ears in prayer but when I lay hands on a girl with cystic fibrosis she is not healed and will die.without healing.hundreds have. Prayed. For her and she isn’t. Healed Klarrissa.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Happy to help you with this.When you lay your hands on someone such as this girl,
      and you are using Jesus’s name, his power goes into them.She is now recovering, just like Mark 16 says.”You will lay your hands on sick people and they WILL recover”.Your trust is in Jesus’s words.When our trust is in Jesus’s words and our actions follow that, the manifestation comes.I see this in hospitals all the time.

      In fact, just yesterday there was a news story on our channel 7 news about a lady I ministered healing to at one of our local hospitals.She had cancer a few months ago when I walked by her at ST.Lukes hospital.I put my hand on hers and told her Jesus loved her and that he was healing her and that she would be fine.She is doing great now and recovering well.

      Jesus will always back your actions when you are focused on him and are obedient to his words.

      I will pray over Klariisa right now also.


  18. This sight is a gift and I am so thankful for it. I find great comfort being here.

  19. Tony, I am curious how you see people healing in different countries by praying in US. Can you elaborate and can I request prayer for a family member?


    1. thanks for sharing. It is amazing when a short prayer changes a person’s life. I have on occasion seen a few strangers healed at Walmart from pain.

      The family member’s name is Ras and he needs complete healing from breathing issues and cataracts.

      I listened to DHTs from Curry Blake and a few of Andrew Wommack. Blessings.

  20. Tony, I am curious how you see people healed in other countries by praying in US. Can you elaborate?

    Also can I request prayer for a family member?


  21. Brothers and sisters I have scalp psoriasis for 15yrs and I’m afraid I can’t get married I’m 35 please pray for me I need the power of God to heal my scalp and whole body cause I want to have a wife and kids

    1. Author

      Avo – I agree you for the healing of your hair and scalp in Jesus Name.

      Keep reading articles on the site on faith, and confess the scripture lists. Do it till faith comes to your heart. That is what will heal you. Seek God expectantly because He is faithful. We love you. Rex

    2. Hi Avo, Were you healed? I just read your request and have prayed for you.

      1. Avo,

        You are whole is Jesus’s name.

        Go onto YouTube and search for “Tim &Sandy Life Changes”.
        You will see the testimony of Tim Sheffler.I personally prayed over him in our healing line at church.He was healed instantly by Jesus.He had a very bad internal problem for 15 years.Now we are close friends.The same healing is happening to you.
        Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.Enjoy.


  22. This was such a timely word. Insightful and encouraging. Thanks!!

  23. God bless Oral Roberts, just read a few of his books recently and he impacted so many people. Excellent Post. Thank You.

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