Revivals; How To Promote Them – Online Book

by Rex Rouis

Take a moment to read our latest classic Gospel book, Revivals; How to Promote Them (1895). It’s a compilation of everything you ever wanted to know about preaching and revivals, from the people who knew them best. A collection of articles on spreading the Gospel from the early titans of the faith, individuals like Charles G. Finney, Albert Barnes, D.L. Moody, C.H. Spurgeon, George Whitefield, and many others.

These are the men who blazed a new trail to God on this continent. They sought His face, preached His Word, and prayed Heaven down. They stopped at nothing. Whole towns were converted. Their faith and persistence forever changed the course of our nation. They sat in motion spiritual forces from which we still benefit today. Take a look, and read it now  – Revivals; How to PromoteOther Online Books


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