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    1. Steve
      You’ll find when you comment on any topic you look at on this website (HopeFaithPrayer) you may draw replies to comments you make on that topic. Pretty cool, I think, the way the “proctor” of this site set it up. When we comment on something, years down the road, someone else may read that topic for the first time (as you have?) and comment. You will have an email sent your way because of that and you can look and see that comment and maybe see where you’ve grown since making your original statement.

  1. This is a great site ……it’s teachings are purely biblical…. My growth in the word is inevitable…..God bless you for your kindness

  2. I have been blessed by this site. It is all about Faith. Rex, keep up the good work. God bless you.

  3. Rex, You’ve done a wonderful job with your website, .. keep up the good work!
    And yes I do enjoy seeing anything in my inbox from hope/faith/prayer.

    Be blessed

  4. I always look forward to seeing anything in my inbox from hope/faith/prayer. I love you Rex!

    1. Author

      Andrew – You are the best. We are going to do much more this year. And WordPress got their system corrected so our new articles are sent out to everybody when they are issued. We love you all. Rex

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